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Yikes, Tumblr!

I'm on Tumblr. It's probably my most active fandom hangout, but I use the term active very loosely.

I mostly just reblog stuff, but it's a different experience from forums and livejournal. Sadly, it's never been a place that I've felt totally comfortable at. I don't know how to communicate with people. It's just so frustrating. 

I remember some of the the Clark/Lois authors I liked from the Divine Intervention forum posting some of their stuff on Tumblr so I would occasionally pop in to see what was there. 

When I saw the first Hunger Games movie and inhaled the trilogy of books I stalked several pages until I finally decided to create my own Tumblr.

When I was trying to find a song to vid my Silence of the Lambs festivids offering, I turned to Tumblr for inspiration. 

When I fell down the Hannibal rabbit hole Tumblr was where it was it. The fandom thrived on Tumblr. The official NBCHannibal Tumblr was seriously one of the best official ambassadors I've ever seen. Fannibals weren't SuperWhoLock or the MCU but we didn't need to be. It was a nice slice of community. 

I don't know where the fandom is going to go. Fanart is such an integral part of Hannibal fandom, moreso than any other fandom I've been in. To lose that segment of active members will be such a blow. I imagine that many will stick around. The Hannibal fandom isn't 100% nsfw art, but those same artists have other works that feed the community. I know there's a lot of talk about heading to Twitter. I have a Twitter and until recently it wasn't very fannish but I guess my relationship with Twitter may evolve if that's where the fandom fully settles. 
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Deadwood is finally coming back from the dead!

Well look what's finally getting that follow up movie we were promised oh 12 years ago.

When Deadwood ended in 2006 after a three year run, HBO execs suggested that the series could continue in a pair of HBO movies to wrap the story up. Well, nothing ever materialized, that is until the current television landscape entered into revival fever. Then, there was talk of a script being commissioned, then it actually existed, and then interviews with former cast members spoke of them having read said script.

Monday brought some unexpectedly happy news. A Deadwood movie set 10 or so years after the series is already in production and all the original cast is back. Huzzah!

This is now the third of TV shows that I care about to be revived.

The X-Files ended in 2002 and came back in 2008 with The X-Files: I Want to Believe feature film. A revival was launched in 2016 and ran for two seasons. It was off the air for 6 years before the movie premiered and 8 years passed between the movie and revival.

Gilmore Girls ended in 2007 and came back in 2016 for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. It was off the air for 9 years.

Deadwood ended in 2006 and the revival movie will air in 2019. It will have been off the air for 13 years.

And because I can't talk about reviving cancelled tv shows without bringing up Hannibal. It's been off the air since 2015. That 3 1/2 years and counting.
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I approve!

Forever Knight season 1 for $4.99 on iTunes

Looky what I found!

If you live in the U.S. and happen to find yourself with $5 and change in your pocket, then you too can be the proud owner of Forever Knight season 1 on iTunes.

I already own the season because season 1 goes on sale from time to time for the price of $9.99. It and the other two seasons normally sell for $14.99.

This is a real bargain if you're at all invested in the Apple ecosystem and heck even if you're not. It's just nice to see FK getting a main page push on iTunes.

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Three year anniversary: Hannibal finale


Oh my darlings. I miss you so much.

Three years is really nothing in the grand scheme of things and the fandom is still so incredibly enthusiastic. My Tumblr and Twitter feeds are still so busy and it's been so much fun to read along as new people discover the show.

I'm a realistic optimist. I still believe the show can come back in some shape or form. If its chances had diminished significantly, then I feel like Bryan Fuller would be pretty up front about that. Mads mentioned in an interview at Cannes that the show got really close to coming back at the beginning of the year. However, something made that plan fall apart. No word on what that might have been.

Hannibal is a special show. It had the perfect combination of talent and confident storytelling that led to some truly captivating television. It's also a show with such a complicated budget model and character rights scenario. It might be the thing that ultimately prevents the show from coming back. And so we hit another anniversary with no news on Hannibal's future. Another anniversary in where we're left to wonder whether or not Hannibal and Will are out there. Another anniversary where Alana and Margot are free to raise their Verger baby in secrecy. And another anniversary to wonder about the fall out for Jack concerning Hannibal's escape.

If and when Hannibal does come back, we're gonna be awash with cannibal puns and sass from the word go. That's just the way Hannibal and Will roll.
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Mads and Hugh news

Looks like the movie Arctic that Mads filmed in Iceland back in late 2016 is finally surfacing. It was announced as part of the Midnight Screenings at Cannes this year. I'm so jazzed for this. There's already a clip out. Of all the projects he's got completed this is the one I'm most excited for. There's also the added bonus of Cannes being an awesome place for new Mads photos.


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There's some good and bad news on the Hugh Dancy front.

He and his wife Claire Danes are expecting their second child sometime during the summer. That is such lovely, lovely news.

For those of us who enjoy his face and welcoming his work into our homes on weekly basis, sadly his show The Path will no longer provide that. Hulu has announced that it is not picking up the show for a fourth season.

I have mixed feelings about that. The show had some strong performances from the three main leads but honestly the show itself was kinda meh. The first season was alright and what I saw of the second season was not interesting enough for me. I got my Hugh fix from gifs on Tumblr and video clips of his scenes. Plus on a superficial level there was the unfortunate haircut he chose to have for that role. It was no bueno.


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Happy 5th Anniversary Hannibal!

We were all thinking it. Who in their right mind would want to do a TV series with Hannibal Lecter? Bad idea...move on. Oh and it's not going to have Clarice Starling because it's going to be a prequel to Silence of Lambs. Double nope. No Clarice, why even bother.

And then Bryan Fuller happened.

Followed quickly by director David Slade.

Then the show had the audacity to cast Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Laurence Fishburne and Gillian Anderson.

Fine, have it your way. I'll watch the damn show.

That quickly turned into OMG this show! This glorious, beautiful, unsettling, hypnotic and gothic show. Everything was perfect!

3 seasons and 39 episodes of Hannibal Lecter longing for a friend and not understanding how to engage with that companionship once he had it. 3 seasons and 39 episodes of Will Graham trying to balance his innate decency while trying to fight his inner demons. 3 seasons and 39 episodes of a dark and gorey romantic comedy between Hannibal Lecter and the behavioral specialist hunting him.

Come back to me show! I need to know where these two men end up.

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FIC: when your blood is gone, how will you survive? [Forever Knight]

when your blood is gone, how will you survive?
by abby82

story prompt: [Forever Knight] friendship; familial bonds; the father/son relationship
recipient: foxy11814
rating: PG for non-graphic vampiric killing
word count: 2009
disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, no money is being made. Ownership lies elsewhere. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
author's note: written for the </a></b></a>gen_ficathon challenge back in 2009, but I never posted it anywhere else...so here it is
links: LJ | AO3 | original post

summary: "You really do like me. You just don't know that you do."

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Hannibal--Will at morning doorframe

(no subject)

Dear 2018,

You're gonna do me a solid and bring back Hannibal, right?

I'm not picky. I don't need production to start or for the writers' room to open this year. Just give me an official announcement.



P.S. If you want to throw in giving the producers of The Path some sense regarding Hugh Dancy's hair, I'd appreciate it. They need to realize that they're stifling Dancy's beauty by forcing his character to have that short, short hair cut. Hell, I'll even take them letting him rock some facial hair. The man wears the artfully scruffy beard like no one else.

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I approve!

Who doesn't like a good inclement weather fic?

Texas snow, y'all!

So it snowed two Fridays ago, with actual accumulation. When I went to work it was still on the ground. Then, the following day it was so warm that I ran errands in jeans and a T-shirt. Funny thing weather.

It got me thinking about inclement weather fic. It's one of my favorite fic tropes. Heatwave, rain, snow--I love them all. Two stories that quickly came to mind involving snow were from the Forever Knight and Hannibal fandoms. Excessive snow certainly has its uses for any enterprising fic writer.

[Forever Knight] Reckless Pantomime by Eve

Eve is one of my all time favorite FK writers and it was such a pleasure to go back and read through her story collection. Every story is a winner in my book. With Reckless Pantomime, a season 2 fic, a worsening snowstorm strands Natalie after an evening of movie watching.

She admired his red brocade dressing gown. He thanked her, wisely electing not to let on that it had been a gift from Janette. After all, it was a very intimate sort of present, and far more expensive than the socks. Natalie's gift was both idealistic and sweetly practical; she had given him something she hoped he would need in the future. Janette's gift was an unspoken, sensualist claim on his body and affections: when she'd presented it to him, she'd whispered in his ear that she intended for him to model it later. And when she spent the day with him--an increasingly unlikely occurrence these days--she wore it around the apartment, despite the fact that she was never troubled by such petty mortal concerns as temperature or modesty.

[Hannibal] Reindeer Games by Magical_Destiny

Her stuff is absolutely exquisite. This is much more of cracky fic, which she doesn't normally do, but it takes the show to task on its very, very pretty but very unrealistic snowfall. TV!Baltimore/DC certainly gets more snow than its real life counterpart. Of course the show was filled in Toronto so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I adore Magical_Destiny's take on Hannibal. I love it when he's at his creepy best. The man has zero chill when it comes to Will that it's kind of embarrassing. There's even an appearance by Hannibal's hopelessly devoted patient Franklyn at the tail end, so extra yay.

The Will in his imagination was very like the loose, relaxed Will of this present moment of reality. He’d kiss either of those Wills, he thought to himself, even if the experience was tainted by the flavor of charred and preservative-poisoned gelatin.

Hannibal blinked. Now there was an interesting revelation. A desire to kiss Will — he hadn’t been aware of that before.

Will’s face was still painted with firelight when he pushed the books aside and maneuvered himself to lean against an armchair rather than sit in it. His gaze was far too perceptive for the amount of alcohol circulating in his blood.

“Do you want to kiss me?” Will asked bluntly, words slurring. “Sometimes you look like you do.” He regarded the fire, adding quietly, “Not sure how I feel about that.”

Hannibal felt his heart rate increase just a fraction — how curious. He wondered what he ought to say. Wondered what he wanted to say.

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Hannibal--Hannibal at Abigail&#39;s window

Fandom and Halloween

So apparently there's an officially licensed Hannibal Lecter Halloween costume. Someone perhaps took their job perhaps a little too seriously, but it's kind of hard to fault them for it. They weren't content with a simple product description for their Hannibal Lecter costume. Oh no, they wrote a gosh darn essay, but I will have you know Mr. Copywriter that not once did Hannibal serve fava beans. And you've got it way wrong about Hannibal's choice meats. That clay roasted thigh looked pretty darn tasty. His "osso bucco" looked absolutely delicious. And his infamous "protein scramble", well he even got a grumpy Will Graham to admit it was good.

"There are many roads you can take in life. Life's many choices are not only about where you live and what you do for a living? It's about the little things. Do you decorate your house with original artwork? Can you feel comfortable taking the time to pause and notice fall colors in the city park? And most importantly, how do you feel about eating your enemies?

Hey, don't get us wrong. We don't think you should eat your enemies. We don't think you should even think about it. There are so many better foods to snack on rather than enemy meat. Have you tried deep fried cheesecake yet? How about blood sausage? We promise both of those foods are leagues better than the clandestine meals Dr. Lector used to whip up with fava beans. All we know is that one of the most prolific and weirdly likable villains of Hollywood history ate his enemies and before he got caught he seemed to be a pretty satisfied guy. He knew what wine to pair with what morsel of mystery meat. He could dissect any conversation to learn the truth about important people. Basically, he's everyone's favorite kind of monster, a monster with taste.

You're sure to feel pretty snazzy when you show up to your next costumed affair in this Hannibal suit. This dark blue ensemble has a wide checkered pattern just like the young psychiatrist from the TV show wears. You'll be ready to listen to people's issues while secretly plotting their demise in your paisley tie and matching pocket square. There are many roads to take this Halloween, take the one most tasteful. "

There's even a listing for Hannibal clear kill suit with an equally enthusiastic write up.

Sorry bro. Mads wore it better. It wasn't even close.
Meanwhile, over at the Northern Stars website, a repository for Canadian actors and projects, had a neat little feature recently about Canadian actors with horror roles on their resumes trick or treating in costume. Naturally Ger got a shout out.

GERAINT WYN DAVIES: Dress him up as a Metro cop with fangs, in tribute to his three seasons as an 800-year-old vampiric Toronto “graveyard shift” police officer on the Canadian TV series Forever Knight. Think nobody remembers the show? The entire series was recently re-released on DVD in Australia.

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