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The Border picked up for a second season

Yay to more Cath and Nigel and here's to hopin' that Geraint Wyn Davies makes an appearance.

From a media release:

CBC Television announces returning shows for 2008/2009; network achieves record success this season

CBC Television broke viewership records with its 2007-2008 programming lineup. Our season-to-date prime-time share is 7.9, the highest in six years. In addition, Canadian content on the network has increased significantly over the last two years, with drama series increasing 68 per cent and comedy series up 41 per cent. This incredible success heralds the return of several new hit shows from this past season and returning favourites.

“This has been an outstanding year for CBC Television,” said Kirstine Layfield, CBC-TV’s executive director of network programming. “These returning shows will be the cornerstone for next season. We’ll be announcing our new shows in the coming weeks.”

Canada’s favourite homegrown drama, The BORDER will be back with James McGowan reprising his role as Major Mike Kessler.
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