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Election Day Picspam (Forever Knight)

It's Election Day in Texas and people are heading out in droves to the polls. I early voted and there's no work today which means there's plenty of time to goof off on the computer.

Forever Knight had two episodes that featured elections. Season 1's 'Spin Doctor' and Season 2 's 'Beyond the Law' had one in flashback. My dvd with 'Spin Doctor' is missing so I can't make my own screegrabs for it although I could borrow a few from the awesome archive The Knight Watchman . In the mean time here are a few from 2.20 'Beyond the Law' which featured Nick as an off duty cop working campaign security in Chicago in 1968. It also had Lisa Ryder, who later went on to play Nick's new partner Tracy Vetter in season 3, as an enthusiastic campaign staffer who gets in way over her head. And lastly, it features a tiny cameo appearance by Geraint Wyn Davies' brother as a background player.

I'm including this picture because while making the screengrabs I noticed that the framed photograph of the desk features a man decked out in a black and white charro hat. How random is that! It reminded me of Senator Kennedy in Laredo trying to sing the mariachi staple "Jalisco".


So young and idealistic...ah the 1960s...not to mention the haircuts

Look it's Nick and Tracy...well not quite.

See the blonde guy on the left? That's Ger's brother.

You know I think I preferred his hair in the present day Toronto sequences. This is too poofy.

Yeah that gesture always creeped me out it's so fantastic. It's so predatory and possessive.

Hee! LaCroix as a member of the press

I must say that the turtle neck looks good on him.

So I'm reading and enjoying
brightknightie's fic rec for the month of March. It's "Evidence" by Dorothy Elggren and a photograph from the time frame of this flashback features prominently. I'd like to think the picture looked something like this.

Party favors

GWD looks really good in this shot. It's the only reason I'm including it.


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