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Happy Day! Forever Knight vid found, plus happy, fun Smallville vid recs

So a few days ago I was lamenting on what appeared to be a major dearth in Forever Knight videos. I noted that kristin1228 looked to be the only person out there currently making videos for the fandom. For the most part I still think it's true but not long after writing that post I stumbled upon the most awesomest of awesome FK video and I couldn't help but just sit there and grin like an idiot. And of course watch it over and over again.

Now I've always enjoyed the trinity of Nick, Janette and LaCroix.  It's a great balance and contrast to the Nick, Natalie, Schanke trio but as I watch the video for the umpteenth time I can't help thinking to myself, "Boy are these three beautiful together."

The artist in question is giandujakiss and the video is "Not An Addict"  I just can't get enough of this video. It's Janette-centric, who is woefully underrepresented in fic and when she is sometimes runs the risk of being written as a petty, love-scorned seductress. But anyways, one of the things I love about this video is the decision to focus on the relationship between Janette and LaCroix. The vidder uses some extremely striking clips of Janette and LaCroix both together and individually.

There are several great and very isolating shots of Janette observing the countless power struggles between Nick and Janette. Every time I see the video I find something new to love about it. It's that good. In one section the lyrics say "I'm a god" as Janette fingers the residual blood after she kills her pimp followed by the shot of Janette in the flashback for 'False Witness' after she crouches over the girl Sarah..

Then there was the "Free the edge I'm going down," just as LaCroix revels himself to Janette for the first time in "A Fate Worse Than Death" by killing her assaulter and he's decked out in the dark hooded cloak and looking completely awesome.

Yet I think when you get into an exploration of Janette and LaCroix' s relationship you can't really look at it without looking at the impact that Nick's introduction to their relationship has had. The creation of a son pretty much displaced Janette as the favored "child" and now sets her in the role of someone who is used as a mean to control the reluctant third. Hopefully I don't mislead anyone into thinking its an Unholy Trinity video because it isn't. The summary proclaims, "Who mourns for Electra?" and it's such an appropriate summary because not only is the subject of the video Janette's relationship to LaCroix but then there's the juxtoposition of LaCroix's relationship with his mortal daughter/vampire mother Divia.

And lastly, one thing that struck me about the video, but had never really thought about, was the deferential kiss on the hand that the recently brought across Nicolas gives LaCroix in "Dark Knight: The Second Chapter" and the kiss that Janette gives him in "The Human Factor" after she gives him the deed to The Raven and notifies him of her intention to leave. The video doesn't have them explicitly together but they're both in there. I just never really noticed the similarities until I saw the two scenes in the video.

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Another video of note by giandujakiss is her Doctor Who/Torchwood video set to the tune of "Groove is in the Heart" which is how I inadvertedly stumbled onto her FK vid. It is made of all kinds of fun for even those unfamiliar with the two shows. It's a total pleasure from start to finish. I also have this vid on nonstop rotation.

There have been several Smallville videos that I adore for their whimsy and unique look at the show. I'd love to start vidding and I'd love to strive for the same reaction that all these vids (and the Doctor Who/Torchood vid) have gotten out of me.

"The Man Song" and "Possibilities" by _becca84_. Both can be found here. Both vids take two rather unconventional songs, one comedy, one Broadway song, and really have fun with it. These were two of the first Smallville vids I ever saw and they really set the bar high. Also, while you're there check out the general season 4 video "Pump It" and the Lois-centril vid "Lois Lane". How cool is it that Erica's Lois has her own punk song.

Mugshots Part Deux by Reign of Terror! aka VisionGirl and Chumpy. Practically everything these two touch turns into gold and I adore their special affinity for all thing Durance. Erica has hilarious facial expressions and anyone who takes note of them is tops in my book.

What Not To Wear by Reign of Terror! aka VisionGirl and Chumpy. This vid is a humorous look at the questionable and repetitive fashion choices of Lois and Clark during season 4...with commentary. I desperately want a season 5 version. Hello! Lois' mall bangs...nuf said.

The Karacentric video James Bonde by talitha78 is so much fun. Kara injects some fun "Who cares" attitude to Smallville and when that is coupled with this crazy Brazilian song that most people wouldn't even understand the result is unadulterated squee. Her Lois Lane vid "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" is another winner, especially when it comes to Erica's facial expressions.

What all those Smallville videos have in common is that they remind the viewer that in between all the angst and drama there's so much inherent fun. Like Forever Knight, Smallville is visually striking and lends itself so well to vidding. The actors are pretty, the colors are bright and the camera movement is engaging.
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