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Fandom To Do List

Fandom wise I keep adding things to my plate. I say I'm going to do something and then something else comes along and usurps it's position on my priority list. Twice I've had fic challenges distract me from my long festering stories. Now the upside is that the time restraints force me to actually produce something rather than let it fester but still. I feel like a neglectful mother.

So what I've decided to do is create a list of projects that can realistically be done. Therefore finishing my Forever Knight stories 'Things We Lost in the Fire' and 'Lives Interrupted' won't be included. My poor babies. Mamma just doesn't know how to make you behave.

Anyway, in no particular order...

1) March 4--Texas primary: Forever Knight picspam for 'Spin Doctor' and 'Beyond the Law'
The boss went to the Hillary Clinton rally in McAllen this morning and it looks like most of the people of importance at work are going to vote for Clinton, whom I admire greatly, but this girl's vote goes to Obama. So in honor of the elections I'm planning a picspam of the pertinent parts of season 1's 'Spin Doctor' and season 2's 'Beyond the Law' which both feature elections. Boy is it going to be a real pain getting into work on Tuesday when early voting starts. Addendum--3/5: The picspam for 'Beyond the Law' is up. 'Spin Doctors' will be saved for a future election day sometime in April.

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2) Observations on The Border episodes
Thanks to the kind people of the Internet and livejournal I've been able to get my hands on the episodes of The Border. For the most part I'm enjoying it . Now obviously I'm interested because Catherine Disher is a series regular and Nigel Bennett is a frequent guest star but the subject matter does hold my attention. I keep meaning to post my thoughts on the episodes and I've jotting a few things down. So far CD's character Maggie has slapped on the latex gloves to look over a dead body while Gary Farmer (Captain Stonetree on Forever Knight) looks on, conduct an interrogation, be the on site leader of a manhunt, handle a firearm, and baby sit a Russian stripper. Unfortunately there's still no background on her character. Nigel hasn't really had the opportunity to do much other than be smug, storm in and out of rooms, and be uncooperative but apparently he's supposed to be very good in this week's episode.

3) Picspam of The Vindicator (1986)
OK this movie I enjoyed so very much. Not because it's good because it's not, but because baby Catherine Disher is so incredibly awesome in it. She plays the kooky, new agey sidekick to the movie's heroine and she is made of all kinds of awesome. I gather it's the closest to being an action star she's ever played and boy was it fun to watch. So for that she deserves a picspam of her very own.

4) Send out Forever Knight fic 'Flight of Imagination' for beta
I sent out an SOS on forkni-l for a beta and I received two very kind offers. This was the original story that I was going to do for oxoniensis's Porn Battle V but then the snippet for the story that eventually became "What Would Happen" took on a life of its own and got completed instead. All I need is the tail end to wrap it up. I made myself the promise that it would be completed and off to the betas by this week and I intend to deliver. Addendum-2/18: This story has been sent out for beta just a wee bit passed my one week deadline. The original shorter and much more depressing ending got chucked in favor for something a bit longer that explored Nick's isolationist state of mind prior to meeting up with Natalie. I might even abridge the smut scene into something far less smutty so that I can post on fkfic-l without the ADULT header.

5) Finish Forever Knight fic 'Five Facets of a Metro Homicide Detective'
All I need for this one is to finish up some partner banter between Nick and Tracy and to wrap up Tracy's POV on the events of 'Human Factor' and 'Last Knight' and this puppy is done. It's crazy how this fic went from being a quick to the point ficlet to getting all five vignettes expanded on.

6) Write Smallville ficlet sequel for FK/Smallville crossover "What Would Happen"
There was one scene/exchange that I had intended to write that I never managed to include. I like where this story ended and I didn't want to take away from the actions of the final few paragraphs by shoe horning something in. I really liked everything after Natalie's phone call. That being said I don't think the story really captured Natalie's personality as much as my other stories and Clark especially was not as distinctive as I would have liked. Wish I could have included more Smallville allusions, especially Lois. So this ficlet will build on who exactly called Clark while he and Natalie were well you know.

7) Write Blood Ties ficlet
Back when Blood Ties premiered I was making a few observations in a thread over at the KnightVision forums about how I couldn't wait to read the slew of Forever Knight/Blood Ties crossovers fics I was anticipating.  I also mentioned how I would love to see some subtle textual reference on Blood Ties to the world created in Forever Knight as a little nod to it's vampire in Toronto predecessor. Perhaps something like Mike, his partner or Crowley mentioning in passing a case coming over from Stonetree's precinct or Reese's. To illustrate my point I wrote a brief exchange between Vickie and some random guy she's questioning. What I'd like to do is expand on it just a bit and put it in actual ficlet format.

VICKIE: Bartender said you guys have come in together. He's gone missing. Or hadn't you noticed? What I want to know is if you know any of his old haunts. Maybe this place just got too mainstream for him.

GUY: Yeah, he used to hang at this club over by Richmond. Way before I got here. The place has been boarded up for years though. Owner up and moved one day. No notice, no nothing.

VICKIE: Do you remember the name?

GUY: Look it was years ago ok. Some kind of bird I think. Besides it don't make much difference now. Last I heard it was some kind of coffee shop. Damn city and their urban beautification crap. There's no way he's there.

8) Review Moonlight episodes
I still don't know what to make of this show. It's vastly improved from it's first few episodes but it and the characters don't inspire me like those of Forever Knight or even Blood Ties now. I watch it because I hope that it'll fulfill the promise I'd envisioned for it before it premiered. Right now Coraline is the only character remotely interesting as was the older female vampire that was distributing the drug created out of vampire's blood. I'd like to get some thoughts down on the episode that featured Coraline back for the first time and on the last episode that's aired that ended with Mick achieving a temporary mortality. It's far longer than Nick's one day from 'The Fix' but will be less than a month or so I think.

9) Contemplate the paltry number of Forever Knight  fan videos
OK, so where are all the Forever Knight videos?
kristin1228 seems to be the only one out there who's currently creating it. I suspect that it either didn't catch on as much or that the videos that were produced during the fandom's hey day have disappeared from the web as their creators moved on to other things. Another possibility could be that the vidding software/hardware that is so readily available today was much more difficult to come by in the 90s--not impossible since I've seen plenty of videos from that time, but harder to come by. Anyway I've been bitten by the vidding bug and I desperately want to get started. I've been doing some research on how to rip my DVDs onto my computer and then cut them into more workable clips. It's just a little awkward trying to find quiet time with my computer. I want to avoid the whole "What are you doing?" questions from the family. I like to keep my fannish projects away from real life so late at night is the only time I have access to it. Maybe I should look into getting the fried motherboard  from my circa 2001 Pentium III laptop replaced so I can work with more privacy. I'd love to do a Nick/Natalie/Schanke video but right now I've got a few Nick songs picked out, one Natalie, and one Janette which I'm very excited about. I can't seem to find Janette's voice so I haven't attempted to write her but this would be a great alternative.

10) Find upbeat song for general Forever Knight video
I told myself that once I got everything set up clip wise I was going to do a Natalie video first. Then I quickly changed my mind to a Nick video. Right now I'm all about the Janette video I've been visualizing however it looks like that might now change if I can find the right song to do a light, comedic Forever Knight video. There have been several Smallville videos that I've seen that are just so much fun and to bring that sense of fun to Forever Knight would be a great way to get started. Yeah Forever Knight is a dark show but it had some great moments of levity and to highlight them to a fun song would be great. The goal would be to make a Forever Knight fan smile. Addendum--3/10: It's going to be for a Schanke vid rather than a general Forever Knight vid but I've decided to use a remix of Fatboy Slims' "Rockafella Skank".

11) Start expanding the 'Bright Moon' chapter of my Masters of the Universe fic 'When Fates Collide'
Yay! It's time to flesh out chapter 8 of my WIP and actually get into the nitty gritty of what the Rebellion does to be a thorn on the Horde's side. They're a poorly equipped group of insurgents that still manage at times to inflict some significant damage. I also need to get into the history of the Horde on Etheria and the parallels between Adam and Glimmer as the children of royalty who must follow through with the duties their positions demand. Someone who gave me feedback on the last chapter suggested that I change my description of the story at She'd avoided it because the summary (if you can even call it that) suggested that the story was going to be on the new agey side. I'm gonna have to get on that. She also suggested that I touch upon what is going on in Eternia once it's noticed that Adam is missing. I actually do reference  the events that have occurred in Adam's absence but not till well after the halfway point of the story around approximately chapters 18, 19, or 20. That's a very interesting suggestion so I'll have to look into where I can fit that in if possible.
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