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Stretching those ol’ vidding muscles

I haven’t completed a vid since 2016. Before that, my last vids were in 2014 and 2013.

That being said, I now have a very solid first draft of a Michael/Nikita La Femme Nikita vid.

I’m so, so excited. If I absolutely needed to post today, I wouldn’t be embarrassed by it, but I would be disappointed at the missed opportunity to really get it right. I’m very happy with the first third and the second third needs some fine tuning. The last third hits a lot of the emotional beats I’m looking for but the clips need to be played with some more.

Oddly enough, the vid went in a slightly different direction from what I originally intended. It does lean rather hard on the season 4 ending that many fans didn’t like. I guess when you vid to Lana Del Rey you gotta embrace the highest highs of a relationship and the cynical lows.

I’m hoping I can get the vid ready by late July/early August. That would coincide with the one year anniversary of me falling head over heels for this 20+ year old show.

It's a soft deadline to mark the occasion but I want to post the vid or one of the La Femme Nikita fics I’ve been working on. Two are really close to having complete first drafts.

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