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So does the potential for a Forever Knight/The Border crossover fic exist?

I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before but I think the answer is a definite yes but not for the obvious reason which is that both series take place in Toronto.

It came to me last night as I watched Maggie, Catherine Disher's character on The Border babysit a Russian stripper...oh sorry exotic dancer. Their exchanges where hilarious by the way but back on topic. Maggie's last name is Norton and if I recall correctly in season one of Forever Knight wasn't there a certain mayoral candidate that Natalie so vehemently threw her support behind. What was her name? Oh yeah Barbara Norton.

I'm just throwing this out there and I can't believe it took me this long to realize this. Also I'm a little bummed that I couldn't participate in the ficathon over at femme_fic and my mind is going overboard with what type of FK prompt/story I could have written. Perhaps a story focused on Barbara Norton from the episode 'Spin Doctor' in the aftermath of her loss and it dawning on her that one of her supporters resembled her sister, or cousin, or sister-in-law Maggie.

There's some nice symmetry to Natalie's big mistake on local television and Maggie's wrong place at the wrong time, she' s just following orders mistake that lands her on national television. Oh wait that's another story right there! Maggie was concerned that Kessler might be questioning her objectivity when he didn't let her interrogate the reporter who made a fool of her on TV and that left some issues that weren't completely addressed. Perhaps back in 1993 Maggie didn't have very kind words for her family member's so called supporter and how her actions may have caused Barbara the election. Now much to her annoyance Maggie finds herself in almost the same situation 15 years later.

I desperately want to revisit 'Spin Doctor' but unfortunately I can't.  The DVD that contains that episode along with 'Feeding the Beast' and 'Only the Lonely' has been missing in action for a few months now and I'm at a loss to explain where it's gone to. I suspect it's having a grand old time with my CD of the Forever Knight soundtrack which has been missing for over a year now. Perhaps that's my project for the weekend. I'm going to turn my room upside and search for my errant DVD.
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