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Vid Rec: I Want to Hold Your Hand (La Femme Nikita)


I am beyond charmed by this La Femme Nikita fanvid by Aleks22o/Countriee Bumkin that it's hard to put it into words.

It is so gosh darn delightful that I can't stop watching it. I love it so much! Everything about it is flawless.

Section One is an organization that expects its Operatives to disengage from their emotional sides. So Michael and Nikita don't really touch, except for when they do. Early on touch was used as another way to manipulate and seduce, but as the series progresses it starts to show comfort, solidarity, and understanding. Those moments are so powerful and by midseries handholding really does become a way for them to convey not only love but respect. On La Femme Nikita, a kiss on the hand is a gesture that carries just as much or at times even more weight to it than a love scene. So the theme of handholding on the show is so strong and to center a fanvid on that concept is beyond brilliant.

I love the clips of Michael and Nikita dancing just as the music really kicks in early on. Extra kudos for using the sequence when Michael slides Nikita's hand from his chest down to his waist and his...gun. ;-) The inclusion of Walter and his butterfly hand gestures was a lovely bit of whimsy. It's hard to pick a favorite part but the sequence with clips showing Michael helping Nikita up (through an elevator shaft, after a fall, after beating her senseless) might be it. The song used is a cover of the Beatles classic by T.V. Carpio off the Across the Universe movie soundtrack of the song and yeah chef's kiss.

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