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Forever Knight love from Screen Rant

HBO recently wrapped "The Outsider" a 10 part miniseries of a Stephen King novel of the same same. I haven't seen it mainly because I don't have HBO but
Screen Rant recently posted a listing of the 10 Supernatural Crime Series to Watch if you like The Outsider.

It's a really solid list of shows that don't normally get a lot of love. That's why it was so nice to see that Forever Knight garnered a mention.


Other highlights of the list include Miracles from 2003. It only ran for one season on ABC. I remember really enjoying this show. It was sort of a spiritual X-Files with Skeet Ulrich as a priest.

Chris Carter's three season X-Files follow up Millennium with Lance Henriksen also got a shout out. I've been wanting to revisit at least season one of this show. Hannibal's Will Graham is very much a Frank Black type character, or vice versa if you want to look at it from the perspective of Book!Will Graham from Red Dragon being the precursor to Frank.

Bryan Fuller's quirky Pushing Daisies also makes the list. I'm obviously biased but I would have swapped it out for Hannibal. Pushing Daisies is adorable and I'm always game for rewatching it but it's a little too twee for my taste. Hannibal and its fever dream storytelling certainly lends itself to place on this list.

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