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Hannibal ficlet for the 7 year Hanniversary

So today is the 7 year anniversary of Hannibal's premiere back in 2013.

To celebrate I've decided to post the very first thing I ever created for this fandom. It's a part of a larger story that is still not complete, but that's pretty much the trend with the various four Hannibal fics I've got drafts on. 

Given that the show was shot in Toronto, it was pretty much always winter. Blood always did look good on that pristine snow but aesthetics aside, I've always loved the visual of Will working on boat motors in the balmy south. 


Hannibal Lecter tries to picture Will—sunburnt—with this hair wind tousled and wild.  It is not a setting in which he has ever visualized himself in. Powdery Mississippi sand between his toes and driftwood laden beaches stretched before him. However, if presented with the opportunity, he could be amenable. It’s a curious daydream for a man who rarely if ever indulges in flights of fancy.

His pencil is poised and ready as Hannibal considers a new sketch later that evening. Sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, a rather pedestrian subject but lovely in its simplicity. Perhaps the turbulence of a distant storm, either way landscapes have never had much appeal to him. When Will mentioned a childhood spent crisscrossing the American South with his father, Hannibal felt the urge to reach out and grasp something of the other man’s past. It was a fascinating piece of history that left an indelible mark on Will Graham and Hannibal desired more. 


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