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Yikes, Tumblr!

I'm on Tumblr. It's probably my most active fandom hangout, but I use the term active very loosely.

I mostly just reblog stuff, but it's a different experience from forums and livejournal. Sadly, it's never been a place that I've felt totally comfortable at. I don't know how to communicate with people. It's just so frustrating. 

I remember some of the the Clark/Lois authors I liked from the Divine Intervention forum posting some of their stuff on Tumblr so I would occasionally pop in to see what was there. 

When I saw the first Hunger Games movie and inhaled the trilogy of books I stalked several pages until I finally decided to create my own Tumblr.

When I was trying to find a song to vid my Silence of the Lambs festivids offering, I turned to Tumblr for inspiration. 

When I fell down the Hannibal rabbit hole Tumblr was where it was it. The fandom thrived on Tumblr. The official NBCHannibal Tumblr was seriously one of the best official ambassadors I've ever seen. Fannibals weren't SuperWhoLock or the MCU but we didn't need to be. It was a nice slice of community. 

I don't know where the fandom is going to go. Fanart is such an integral part of Hannibal fandom, moreso than any other fandom I've been in. To lose that segment of active members will be such a blow. I imagine that many will stick around. The Hannibal fandom isn't 100% nsfw art, but those same artists have other works that feed the community. I know there's a lot of talk about heading to Twitter. I have a Twitter and until recently it wasn't very fannish but I guess my relationship with Twitter may evolve if that's where the fandom fully settles. 
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