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Three year anniversary: Hannibal finale


Oh my darlings. I miss you so much.

Three years is really nothing in the grand scheme of things and the fandom is still so incredibly enthusiastic. My Tumblr and Twitter feeds are still so busy and it's been so much fun to read along as new people discover the show.

I'm a realistic optimist. I still believe the show can come back in some shape or form. If its chances had diminished significantly, then I feel like Bryan Fuller would be pretty up front about that. Mads mentioned in an interview at Cannes that the show got really close to coming back at the beginning of the year. However, something made that plan fall apart. No word on what that might have been.

Hannibal is a special show. It had the perfect combination of talent and confident storytelling that led to some truly captivating television. It's also a show with such a complicated budget model and character rights scenario. It might be the thing that ultimately prevents the show from coming back. And so we hit another anniversary with no news on Hannibal's future. Another anniversary in where we're left to wonder whether or not Hannibal and Will are out there. Another anniversary where Alana and Margot are free to raise their Verger baby in secrecy. And another anniversary to wonder about the fall out for Jack concerning Hannibal's escape.

If and when Hannibal does come back, we're gonna be awash with cannibal puns and sass from the word go. That's just the way Hannibal and Will roll.
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