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Mads and Hugh news

Looks like the movie Arctic that Mads filmed in Iceland back in late 2016 is finally surfacing. It was announced as part of the Midnight Screenings at Cannes this year. I'm so jazzed for this. There's already a clip out. Of all the projects he's got completed this is the one I'm most excited for. There's also the added bonus of Cannes being an awesome place for new Mads photos.


He's got the Jonas Akerlund comic adaptation Polar over at Netflix and it looks like that one will pop up during the fourth quarter of 2018.

Chaos Walking with Doug Liman announced an additional two weeks of shooting, but because of Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland's busy schedules they won't be able to do it until the end of 2018. That puts the movie's March 2019 release date in question.

Mads went back to Japan to shoot some additional sequences for Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding video game. I'm not a gamer so this project is on the periphery for me but the photos Kojima posts on Twitter of him and Mads are so gosh darn cute. He's a Mads fanboy to the extreme and its precious.

I was reading an article about very early Oscar contenders and Willem Dafoe's turn as Vincent Van Gogh in Julian Schnabel's movie At Eternity's Gate was mentioned. I'd completely forgotten that it was heavily suggested that Mads had a role in the movie. Information on this film is rather scarce other that it's completed filming and Oscar Issac is also in it.

There's some good and bad news on the Hugh Dancy front.

He and his wife Claire Danes are expecting their second child sometime during the summer. That is such lovely, lovely news.

For those of us who enjoy his face and welcoming his work into our homes on weekly basis, sadly his show The Path will no longer provide that. Hulu has announced that it is not picking up the show for a fourth season.

I have mixed feelings about that. The show had some strong performances from the three main leads but honestly the show itself was kinda meh. The first season was alright and what I saw of the second season was not interesting enough for me. I got my Hugh fix from gifs on Tumblr and video clips of his scenes. Plus on a superficial level there was the unfortunate haircut he chose to have for that role. It was no bueno.


Hugh is currently filming the movie Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling. Mindy has already posted several photos with Hugh on her Instagram and he's looking so good. It's going to be so nice to see him in something lighter again. The casting announcement had noted that Hugh hadn't appeared in the big screen since 2012's Hysteria. That little bit of information was surprising but yeah, very true.

During his off time from working on Hannibal and The Path, Hugh really didn't take on any other work. He mostly stuck to short commitment theater in New York. He only did Deadline Gallipoli between Hannibal season 2 & 3 and day's worth of work to film what was essentially a cameo in the second Fifty Shades of Grey movie that eventually got cut.

And speaking of theater work, there's a strong possibility that Hugh will be returning to the stage in New York during the fall.
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