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Fandom and Halloween

So apparently there's an officially licensed Hannibal Lecter Halloween costume. Someone perhaps took their job perhaps a little too seriously, but it's kind of hard to fault them for it. They weren't content with a simple product description for their Hannibal Lecter costume. Oh no, they wrote a gosh darn essay, but I will have you know Mr. Copywriter that not once did Hannibal serve fava beans. And you've got it way wrong about Hannibal's choice meats. That clay roasted thigh looked pretty darn tasty. His "osso bucco" looked absolutely delicious. And his infamous "protein scramble", well he even got a grumpy Will Graham to admit it was good.

"There are many roads you can take in life. Life's many choices are not only about where you live and what you do for a living? It's about the little things. Do you decorate your house with original artwork? Can you feel comfortable taking the time to pause and notice fall colors in the city park? And most importantly, how do you feel about eating your enemies?

Hey, don't get us wrong. We don't think you should eat your enemies. We don't think you should even think about it. There are so many better foods to snack on rather than enemy meat. Have you tried deep fried cheesecake yet? How about blood sausage? We promise both of those foods are leagues better than the clandestine meals Dr. Lector used to whip up with fava beans. All we know is that one of the most prolific and weirdly likable villains of Hollywood history ate his enemies and before he got caught he seemed to be a pretty satisfied guy. He knew what wine to pair with what morsel of mystery meat. He could dissect any conversation to learn the truth about important people. Basically, he's everyone's favorite kind of monster, a monster with taste.

You're sure to feel pretty snazzy when you show up to your next costumed affair in this Hannibal suit. This dark blue ensemble has a wide checkered pattern just like the young psychiatrist from the TV show wears. You'll be ready to listen to people's issues while secretly plotting their demise in your paisley tie and matching pocket square. There are many roads to take this Halloween, take the one most tasteful. "

There's even a listing for Hannibal clear kill suit with an equally enthusiastic write up.

Sorry bro. Mads wore it better. It wasn't even close.
Meanwhile, over at the Northern Stars website, a repository for Canadian actors and projects, had a neat little feature recently about Canadian actors with horror roles on their resumes trick or treating in costume. Naturally Ger got a shout out.

GERAINT WYN DAVIES: Dress him up as a Metro cop with fangs, in tribute to his three seasons as an 800-year-old vampiric Toronto “graveyard shift” police officer on the Canadian TV series Forever Knight. Think nobody remembers the show? The entire series was recently re-released on DVD in Australia.

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