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Catherine Disher talks about X-Men

The Hollywood Reporter did a really great oral history on X-Men: The Animated Series. The series premiered 25 years ago on October 31, 1992. (Somewhere my recording of that exists on Beta, lol)

Catherine Disher, as I'm sure many of us know, voiced Jean Grey and she's one of the voice actors interviewed for the piece. There's a teeny, tiny Forever Knight reference about how the show fit into her schedule.

Catherine Disher, Jean Grey: I remember auditioning for Storm, but I don’t remember auditioning for Jean. I think they just gave it to me. … I was doing a vampire series that shot at night, and we would record X-Men on Friday mornings, so I would just work all night and show up without going to bed.

Disher: I remember us smoking in the recording studio. I remember because when I got pregnant, I had to ask people to not smoke when I was in the room. It just boggles my mind now, that we were allowed to light up in a recording studio.

Disher: My son, who is 24, was born during the X-Men years. His father voiced Charles Xavier, so it was great for him in grade school. He’d tell everyone that his Mom and Dad where Jean Grey and Professor X. They made these beautiful jackets for the cast based on our characters. I was pregnant at the time and we didn’t know the gender, so they made one for my child entitled, "Baby X.”

If you head over to the article Catherine provided two photos of the X-Men jackets given to her and her little "Baby X". It's a really precious thing.

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