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the rambling fanatic
Forever Knight fancast: Caroline Dhavernas as Janette DuCharme 
5th-Aug-2017 06:15 pm

All the talk about that Forever Knight movie got me thinking about what a legitimate reboot of the series would look like. I say legitimate because it should be something that continues the spirit of the original series and not something that simply takes the character names and puts them in scenarios that are trendy now. Is it a bit harsh to judge something sight unseen? Sure, but when there's precious little about it that seems promising well let's just say my expectations are very, very low.

My Tumblr is pretty much 90% Hannibal and so are the people I follow. Recently a photo of actress Caroline Dhavernas (Wonderfalls) popped up and someone commented on given how vampy she looked in the photo, her character of Alana would be great in the occasional Hannibal vampire AU fics that hit the fandom from time to time. It got me thinking that Caroline would make a lovely choice to play an updated Janette.

I have honestly no clue who could portray the rest of the cast, but I thought this was a fun way for me to try my hand at a photoset that them kids today like putting together.

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