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Forever Knight ficlet

fandom: forever knight
category: AU-ish
rating: PG-13
author’s note: Happy Canada Day! This is a tiny excerpt from a much, much larger story I started back in 2008 or so. All you gotta know is that Nick's human. Don't ask me how. It just came about. Maybe he stumbled upon a four leaf clover or a Jinn or something.
word count: 748
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them.

summary: Nick and Natalie celebrate Canada Day...sort of

The air outside is warm and the view of the harbor from the roof of his building is unobstructed. Recently building contractors have been sniffing around looking for prime real estate to develop and for the moment the neighborhood is devoid of construction cranes and makeshift protected sidewalks. Now if only Natalie would decide to grace him with her presence. She’s on night shift rotation again and Nick is hoping that she’s able to trade off the rest of her shift before tonight’s festivities begin.

The sound of the garage opening down below announces Natalie’s arrival home as Nick takes another sip from his beer. Wine just doesn’t seem appropriate for a summer night outside with the woman he loves and a Canada Day light show compliments of the city of Toronto. It’ll only be a matter of minutes before she finds his note downstairs alerting her to his whereabouts. The minutes tick by slowly for Nick before the rooftop door finally opens and she emerges still dressed from work but also bearing a bowl of popcorn.

“You made it,” Nick says, stating the obvious.

“Just barely,” she responds as she settles beside him on the blanket he’d spread out. “Dr. Horowitz was quoting protocol to me about whether or not regulations would allow him cover for me. What’s the point of having rules if you can’t break them, right Nick? I finally had to shock him into submission. I told him I had plans to have my wicked way with you tonight,” Natalie laughs softly as she peppers Nick’s lower jaw line with a few lingering kisses. “Next time you see him he’ll probably be acting appropriately scandalized so don’t take it personally.”

“Well just as long as you don’t damage my reputation completely, I’m sure I can live with it.”

“When’s showtime?” she asks popping a few kernels of popcorn into her mouth and accepting the beer bottle Nick offers her.

“About 30 minutes.”

“What are we gonna do till then?” Natalie asks innocently as she lightly walks her fingers over one of his denim clad thighs.

Nick shrugs nonchalantly. “I don’t know about you but I’ve already started my party,” He says pointing to the two empty beer bottles lined up next to a small cooler. Natalie doesn’t have time to respond before he reaches across to cup her face and gives her a confident, demanding kiss. “Don’t you know that all my parties involve you?”

“Yeah well a girl likes to hear it every now and then,” she responds before she continues their kiss.

Their hands travel freely, loosening restrictive clothes, teasing sensitive skin, and building up the mutual need between them. Not even the start of the fireworks display over the harbor removes their attention from each other. The amount of desire Nick sees on Natalie’s face thrills him. The enormity of the situation is not lost to him. Taking the final step in their relationship had been something they’d held off on and it certainly wasn’t something they wanted to rush into.

Nick had been skittish that the vampire might make a re-appearance and even though Natalie knew that Nick loved her she didn’t want him to feel obligated to her if for some reason his feelings had changed.

“You’re not going to make a liar out of me are you Nick?” she asks with a devilish smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

They’d been pushing the boundaries of propriety recently and everything had been leading to this very moment.

She’s straddling his lap; her very professional skirt is stretched to its limits, exposing a tantalizing amount of thigh, where one of Nick’s hands firmly rests. The other hand spans the skin of her back underneath her silky camisole. Her blouse had long been discarded, having been declared nothing but a nuisance by both Nick and Natalie. Natalie’s nimble fingers had done a quick job on the buttons of his shirt leaving his skin partially exposed to the summer air and her caresses. However, by far the most exhilarating feeling at the moment comes from Natalie’s body pressed up against his in all the right places.

“Not if you promise to be gentle.” Nick teases as he lightly rubs the skin right above her clavicle. He kisses her once more savoring the taste of her. It’s mixed in with the slightest hint of popcorn and the beer she’d only taken a couple of sips from. She tastes like home Nick decides. This entry was originally posted at, where there are comment count unavailable comments. You may comment there using OpenID.
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