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so apparently all is not well in LJ land


:::waves to the likely five remaining LJ users:::

The internet has informed me that all is not well in LJ land. Something to do with Russia and servers being relocated and some new potentially iffy terms of agreement. I'm very confused, although I imagine I'm not alone.

I haven't posted here in years, yeah, years.  Sooo I guess it doesn't really affect me all that much because I'm not really posting here. However, it saddens me because mediums such as livejournal are such an integral part of fandom and in communicating with other fans. And yes there are many other shiny options where fandoms can congregate, but it's frustrating to reestablish something from the ground up on another platform. It's reassuring to know that people have been taking steps to mitigate the upheaval by ensuring that followers know where they are on dreamwidth. The crossposting is also helpful.

I'd often wonder about my livejournal and think about reviving it. But since I wasn't really creating any new fanworks I didn't see the point. I did post the three fanvids I made for festivids on my journal but that's about it. I'd written a single half-assed Hunger Games/X-Files crossover fic back in 2012 and only recently posted it to AO3. I'll probably post it here too for nostagia's sake.

I have a Tumblr. I don't understand it. I've had one since 2012 and I still approach the darn thing with a healthy level of bewilderment. Mostly I use it to reblog the pretty, pretty pictures that other fans upload. I got into The Hunger Games when the first movie came out and the fandom was almost entirely on Tumblr. There was so much content coming out from the production of the films and the promotional tours that it was impossible to wrangle it all without getting a blog for myself. When the movies ended the fandom pretty much died.

At the tail end of 2013 I really, REALLY got into Hannibal and my love for the show is still very intense. It's a Bryan Fuller show (Dead LIke Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies) so of course its days were probably numbered from the get go, but it did run for 3 years and 39 episodes. The show is absolutely stunning in every way and the fandom has been delightful. You can find me @planetstarclaw. My blog is about 70% Hannibal, 20% Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy's movies, and 10% X-Files, Smallville, Hunger Games, etc.

I did import my LJ to dreamwidth a few months ago just to cover my bases. You can find me here. I may poke around DW a bit and look into the logistics of crossposting and see how that goes. As fun as Tumblr is I don't personally find it very condusive to blogging. Many people have taken to it quite beautifully, but I'm not one of them. I really can't find anything on my blog regardless of how consistent I try to be with my tagging. For some reason it's difficult for me to get a recs page going on Tumblr. Perhaps by using LJ/DW I can wrangle some of my fic recs together for when the call goes out from new fans for recs.  Plus I've got some passing thoughts on shows in my Netflix queue that I'd like to get out. And of course, as long as I still have the rough drafts, there's always the threat that some of my unfinished fics will make an appearance in some form.

I guess we'll see.
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