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the rambling fanatic
Ahoy! I just wanted to drop in quickly and mention that I am in fact… 
5th-Apr-2010 02:56 pm
GG-Luke's sign

I just wanted to drop in quickly and mention that I am in fact alive. A huge hole has not opened up beneath me and swallowed me up.

Unfortunately, my brother has rediscovered his affinity for Everquest. That means my computer is pretty much always occupied by someone other than me.

In the meantime, a random viewing of Gilmore Girls on SoapNet has prompted me to crack open the complete series DVD set that was residing on my DVD shelf. I started with seasons 5-7 than skipped back to season 4, then 3. I finished season 1 yesterday and I'll probably get in an episode or two of season 2 tonight. 

Why not start with season 1 and then work my way through 7, some of you may wonder? Well, I've always been quite fond of Luke and Lorelai and they really don't get into full swing until the later half of the series. Now I'm completely and insanely shipping them. Fic must be sought out but not now.  My fkficfest  prompt of choice has been bouncing around in my head, and I've got a recipient I definitely don't want to disappoint.
6th-Apr-2010 02:27 am (UTC)
Very good news on the not being swallowed by a huge hole! :-) Unfortunate news on your brother not recognizeing that you communicating with us far outranks his questing!

I loved the first season of Gilmore Girls intensely, but was taken aback by the finale -- what is she doing rejecting my dream guy? he teaches English, for crying out loud! what's hotter than that? ;-) -- and then ticked off by the second-season premiere, and I never went back to it. A close friend loved it, however, and watched it through to the very end; she used to give me weekly updates on what I was missing, so I feel as if I know the whole series, even though I manifestly watched only one season. :-)

I hope that your fkficfest prompt settles happily in your imagination. I must admit, I'm flailing a bit with mine. I hit the library hard for research material last weekend, and have been rewatching one episode per day from my exercise bike. I have plenty of ideas in the form of little wisps that so far refuse to meet up and coalesce into a plot. We'll see...
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