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the rambling fanatic
A cancellation, a renewal, and a possible stay of execution 
12th-Mar-2010 09:10 pm
After three seasons, the CBC drama The Border has been cancelled.

I guess I won't be getting my fantasy episode in which Geraint Wyn Davies guest stars and has scenes with Catherine Disher's Maggie and Nigel Bennett's Mannering to create my very own Forever Knight reunion.

The show got moved in it's third season and was slaughtered in the ratings, barely hitting over half a million viewers. They tried sexing it up during the second season and they brought in Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park. The show was still enjoyable, but it was noticeable that it was having some growing pains. And you know what, after three seasons I still wasn't feeling much love for the lead character, Mike Kessler. Heck I even warmed up to Homeland Security Agent Bianca LeGarda or as Maggie once refered to her "The Pride of Miami" but Mike, nope. He never stopped acting like he had a stick up his butt. Too bad. I read a few interviews with the actor, James McGowan, who plays him and he's a thoroughly enjoyable and funny guy.

Also, it's rather sad that Maggie and Mannering rarely had scenes together. In the same scene, sure, but they really didn't interact. Of the top of my head I can only remember an interrogation they both conducted. That's a real shame, if Forever Knight's "Night in Question" taught us anything, aside from the fact that Geraint Wyn Davies does blank really well, is that Catherine Disher and Nigel Bennett have oodles of delicious chemistry together.

And lastly, Brock Jolliffe, who worked special effects on Forever Knight and owned the hero and stunt Caddy from the show also worked as The Border's special effects coordinator.


Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season. Yep, that's right, a decade of Smallville. It will now surpass Stargate: SG-1 as the longest running sci-fi show in North America. I'm excited but that's shear craziness.


It appears that 24 will be ending its run after eight seasons.

It isn't official but it's being hinted at by Daily Variety. However, Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that an offer has been made to NBC should Fox cancel the series.

I kinda of bailed on this season, as did my brother, an ardent 24 fan.

Annie Wersching's Renee Walker was fascinating to watch as she spirals downward in the wake of her actions from season 7 but on the all the show hasn't held my interest. Over the course of the series that has happened before. Seasons 5 and 7 were stellar but I never did finish seasons 6 or 3.

It'll be interesting to see how this develops but given the high cost of the show, I doubt NBC will bite, despite their programming need. End it now and send Jack Bauer to the movies.
13th-Mar-2010 09:24 am (UTC)
Thanks for the link: I've been able to add quite a lot of information to the FK Wiki page for Nick's car.
13th-Mar-2010 09:39 am (UTC) - The Border
The joke, of course, is that the third season returned—to some degree—to the sort of general stories that made the first season enjoyable. Mind you, I could have done without the sexy American(s) either year. But, to my mind, the real problem in the second season was the increasing reliance on espionage subplots. If they'd just stuck with what worked....

The FK connection (which I'm quite sure none of the creative personnel cared about as we do!) would only have added to the pleasure. Certainly, the early episode that had Gary Farmer in it was very welcome. I agree that it's a pity they never had Maggie and Mannering in a good confrontation scene: there would have been a lot more heat than anything with Kessler, who was a cold fish. I never warmed to him either. Least of all when he got involved with that British agent, who was a walking cliché. (I suppose she was intended as an updated Emma Peel.)

The cancellation does, of course, mean that they ended the series on a cliffhanger. (Then again, I saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.) At least Maggie was safe back at HQ. We have that.
13th-Mar-2010 10:55 am (UTC)
>After three seasons, the CBC drama The Border has been cancelled<

It's a pity. Especially as Agent Mannering finally got himself a permanent position at ICS headquarters and was so nicely getting on everyone's nerves there.

>Also, it's rather sad that Maggie and Mannering rarely had scenes together<

There was a promising scene in the final episode. Although Maggie barely looked at him, they talked to each other. Or rather he ordered her around. ;)

>Catherine Disher and Nigel Bennett have oodles of delicious chemistry together<

Indeed. And that was highly inspiring as well. :) I'm currently working on another Nat&LC story.

>after three seasons I still wasn't feeling much love for the lead character, Mike Kessler<

I actually liked him. Not as much as Agent Mannering, of course, but I did. The characters I cared least about were Gray Jackson and Layla. And I so could have done without Gray's father. I found that plot line perfectly superfluous.
Slade took some time for me to get used to. In the beginning I didn't like him at all as he was getting on my nerves with his way. But then I got used to him and couldn't imagine the ICS without him.

15th-Mar-2010 03:34 am (UTC)
>"aside from the fact that Geraint Wyn Davies does blank really well"

This cracked me up. :-) Thanks.

Too bad about the unfulfilled dreams of a single-scene FK reunion. Hopefully, there will be great new shows next season for all the cast and crew.

Congratulations on your Samllville's survival!
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