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Challenges a plenty

festivids  reveals will be later today. I'm on pins and needles to find out who did several of my favorite vids from the challenge but especially my gift, the spectacularly awesome Forever Knight vid "Cemeteries of London". I've got two guesses on the vidder and in a few hours I'll find whether or not I was correct or way off.

I know that there were several people on my f-list who were unable to see the vid, but I'm sure download links should remedy the problem. :-)

The vid I created is currently in a locked post and it'll go live as soon as the moderators for the comm finish updating the 2009 Festivid Master List. This is the link to watch for all those curious.

Lately, LJ has been eating my posts and throwing them up half complete. It also ate several unfinished posts that I had saved, so a listing of my favorites from the challenge will go up eventually. Hopefully my 2009 Fanfiction Meme will go up before the end of today. It's one of the posts that disappeared into the LJ ether (twice), so it won't be as detailed as my first attempts.

I'm finishing up my second month of reccing Forever Knight fic on crack_van . It's a funny coincidence that I ended up doing two months in a row. I requested the opportunity to do FK recs back in the summer and when I saw that December was Small Fandom Month, I figured it would be a nice way to bump my request to the front of the line. Apparently, it didn't negate my original request to be one of the monthly featured fandoms and my request made it to the top of the list for January. Sadly, I only posted sporadically during the month but I want the fandom to have a healthy number of recs for any potential newbies. I pretty much spammed the comm last night and I'd like to get in five more before midnight.

Now that Forever Knight has been introduced to crack_van  I hope other fans will consider throwing in some of their favorites. I've personally used the comm when sniffing around new fandoms and their fic and crack_van  is highly regarded around fandom in general.

Tomorrow, February 1st is the deadline for porn battle. gnosticdiva has contributed three Forever Knight ficlets (two of which were based on my prompts. She has kindly compiled a post with links to all her contributions. The challenge ends tomorrow at 9PM UK time so that'll put the end at 3PM central standard time for me. I've got my own contribution to play with but time is an issue. Thankfully, it's short and relatively painless.

halfamoon  starts tomorrow and runs for two weeks. I'll be leaving some Forever Knight prompts soon but there is no need to follow any of them. As long as you celebrate the awesomeness of women in fandom, it's fair game.

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