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Vid: Le Disko [The Neverending Story]

Title: Le Disko
Artist: Shiny Toy Guns
Vidder: abby82
Source: The Neverending Story (1984)
Download: Sendspace (19 MB, WMV), YouTube (streaming)
Length: 3:12 minutes
Summary: Super sonic overdrive...Fantasia style!
Notes: Created for boom_queen for the inaugural vidding challenge. Her prompt requested "anything full of fun, fantasy shiny-ness please". How could I resist a prompt like that! I actually started editing down a different song for this vid but on a trip out of town I couldn't find my ipod so I opted for the first CD within reaching distance--my played only once CD from Shiny Toy Guns. The rest, as they say, is history. The jump cutting, which was referenced by a few people, happened quite by accident. I was unimpressed with a rough first draft and I tried it on a lark. "Happy, fun vid full of shiny" I kept telling myself and it worked!

The original festivids post is here.
Tags: festivids, my vids, the neverending story

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