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Vidding: A Year in Review (2009)

I'm going to try this again but much shorter this time around. It serves me right for not finishing the meme and posting at the end of the year.

Vids I made this year


Burn [Forever Knight, Divia, LaCroix]
La familia [Forever Knight, LaCroix, Nick, Janette]


Vampire [Forever Knight, Nick Knight, vampire thoughout series]
Nick Knight 20th anniversary vid [Nick Knight TV movie]


Total vids: Four vids in oneish fandoms

On with the meme...

My favorite
"Burn". Making this vid was pretty much painless. The pain came afterwards when my hard drive failed and I lost all the clips to this and two other vids I was working on but back to "Burn". The clipping involved only two episodes and the song lent itself brilliantly to the relationship between Divia and LaCroix. I love the anger that filled the vid and the matching of clips between Divia and LaCroix.

Not so favorite
"La familia". One of my favorite vidders gave me a wonderful compliment by saying it was one of her favorite vids featuring the Unholy Trinity, but I can't help but look at it as a vid that could have been so much more if I'd done something differently. It's an odd song for one thing but that's what I liked about it. I don't cringe when I watch it but for me it lacks something.

Most successful
"Burn" would be my most successful in terms of comments. People really responded to the Nine Inch Nails song used and a lot of people remembered Divia. "Vampire" and the Nick Knight vid would be my most successful in it doing exactly what I wanted them to do. The former was supposed to be goofy fun and the later was made to celebrate the TV movie that started it all.

Video most underappreciated
"Vampire" because of posting restrictions on YouTube. The song by Antsy Pants is on YouTube's no-no list so that automatically limits its audience.

Most fun to make
"Vampire" Finding goofy vampire clips was great fun and the song makes me smile.

Hardest video to make
"La familia" I think part of its failure for me is that while I knew what type of vid I wanted to make, I couldn't quite translate that visually onto the screen from my head.

What I've learned
I have a far better chance of completing my vids if they involved a movie source or if the concept only requires clipping from a handful of episodes.

Things to work on
Watching vids made by vidders I admire is a great teacher. It helps to isolate what it is about them that I find so appealing. One thing that they all have in common is that they're careful with clip selection and the duration that it plays on screen. It's often the least obvious part of a clip that gets used and I'm trying to learn that skill.

Vid projects
Last year I outlined a lot of projects I wanted to do. Only "Burn" was completed and a Nick/Nat friendship vid was shelved because of hard drive failure. This year I want to be more realistic. I have a Natalie vid I want to complete. I have so much source on my timeline that it's crazy but I can definitely see a vid in there. I just didn't do myself any favors by clipping so much. Then there's a LaCroix vid I'd love to have up for his Conversion Day in August. I haven't clipped but it is on the to do list. Lastly, I recently heard a song hidden away inside my ipod that would fit Lois Lane beautifully. Three planned vids. That's doable right.

2008 Vidding Meme
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