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DVDs everywhere

It's been so liberating not really having anything to look forward to on tv lately. That has pretty much opened me up towards the DVD on TV sets that I had yet to crack open. I come home from work. Catch up on my phone calls, do a bit of cleaning and then sit down with some dinner and an episode or two of one of my sets. However the recent sales of Black Friday and the Christmas rush has left me flooded with extra sets. Several of them are gifts but that doesn't mean they won't end up in my hands for eventual viewing. Oddly enough movie viewing for me has fallen on the wayside. Oddness.

I was finally able to finish watching Homicide: Life on the Street. It's really a wonderful show and I've been giving some serious consideration towards OZ and The Wire which have a lot of the behind the scenes people and actors involved. I balked at getting all the seasons of OZ when amazon had a sale because I'd much rather get it as a series set. Granted the chances of HBO going that route are slim but you never know. I did pounce at getting seasons 1-3 of The Wire which I'll be picking up from the Post Office tomorrow. It's a blind buy for me and if the first season fails to move me then I'll more than likely sell the remaining two season unopened but I'm hoping that won't happen. But back to Homicide, I was able to pick up a few songs from the series for consideration if I ever actually try my hand at vidding which I'm seriously jonesing to do. "Blood Makes Noise" by Suzanne Vega is a great Nick song and I'm thinking of "Crestfallen" from Smashing Pumpkins as a Nick/Janette song. Also a great song by Lauren Hoffman called "Strange Man" led me to her album that has a fantastic song called "Persephone" which just screams Natalie.

I also picked up the first two seasons of Veronica Mars as a sort of blind buy. I watched the third season and enjoyed it even though almost every online post about the season that I read was bemoaning the fact that the show was no longer as good as it was before. The general consensus was that Rob Thomas was trying to make the show more accessible to non-fans in an attempt to lift their very low ratings. I've finished the first season and enjoyed it. The second season I'll hit sometime next week although I have to say that I'm not looking forward to the Veronica/Logan stuff. I wasn't a Logan fan at all during the third season and I've been less than enamored with the actor's performance on Moonlight but fans assured me that I'd change my tune once I saw the first two seasons of VM. Nope, hasn't happened. Unfortunately he's got that wounded puppy look that he never seems to shake and he's playing Josef on Moonlight in a very similar way as Logan on VM. As an individual character I've got no problem with Logan. In fact I find his Echolls family dynamics very interesting but when paired up romantically with Veronica I'm just not buying it.

I bought the first season of the Canadian series Beyond Reality was sort of X-Files before XF came along but had some of the same people behind Forever Knight working on it. Deborah Duchene (Janette) guested on it and I believe that Nigel Bennet (LaCroix) did as well. How is it that Catherine Disher never did?

I finally got my hands on The Ultimate Superman Collection with all the movies, the director's cut of Troy, the director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven (which I'm very excited for), and the Aliens Quadrilogy (which my brother is very excited for). The HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon is a gift for dad as is the original complete series of Battlestar Galactica.

And lastly I was able to get a hold of seasons 2 and 3 in the original digipack for X-Files which makes me very happy. They were both unopened, in mint condition, and only $25 dollars each. Now I only need the original releases of seasons 8 and 9 to complete X-Files.
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