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Porn Battle IX prompts wanted

Prompts for oxoniensis ' multifandom Porn Battle IX (Dressed to Nines) are now being excepted here until Friday.

I've quickly scanned the 350 comments currently there and there are a wide variety of fandoms represented. No Forever Knight just yet but there are some promising Smallville (Lois/Tess & Lois/Clark) and X-Files prompts out there.

I'll probably throw some prompts in there, especially for Forever Knight, so that it's represented, but it's worth a looksy from other people in the fandom.

I've played three times before and it's certainly an interesting way to stretch a rarely used writing muscle. I've learned that there's no need to be overly explicit. Some of my favorites from previous challenges have taken a more subtle approach to the prompts.

Submissions ideally should fit in the comments. On dreamwidth, the maximum word count is 16,000 characters, approximately 2,750 words.but links to longer pieces are welcomed.

Frequently Asked Questions are here.
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