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the rambling fanatic
The pirate walked the plank 
31st-Dec-2009 10:36 am
football, FNL--Panther jersey
I know most of my f-list doesn't watch Friday Night Lights. This season has been jaw droppingly awesome (Although, where are the Hispanic characters FNL? Last time I checked Texas was a minority majority state, but that's a different issue.) The season premiere had Coach Taylor encounter this crazy nut job at the gas station rambilng about pirates. The entire time Coach just sits there with this bewildered look of "What?" And who was this crazy? Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach, who has this known fascination with pirates.

To call Leach quirk is an understatement. When it comes to the college football schedule in the Big 12, Texas Tech is always this great unknown. Actually, all of Texas Tech is this great big mass of unknown craziness. The campus is stuck in the middle of nowhere (Lubbock), they have this banned tradition of throwing tortillas onto the field that students still do, and they have the equally crazy Bobby Knight coach the Tech basketball team. That school is just nuts.  Well yesterday, Texas Tech fired Mike Leach. Granted he's not the most politcally correct coach out there but wow has Tech shot themselves in the foot.
11th-Jan-2010 03:59 am (UTC)
-I learned this week that my best friend from grad school and her husband are all over that series. :-)

Oh what fun! Now that's fate. You are now destined to at one point to watch and adore FNL. Even if it's years from now. :P

This came up in reference to what we do and do not like in fictional teenagers. (Coincidentally, she -- a Natpacker -- was also once dearly fond of another show you love, Smallville, and was also a huge Lois fan, though she dropped off following it a few years ago.)

Now I know your friend has good taste: FK, FNL, and loves Lois.
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