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Another Ger interview and little something extra

The Chiller Blog has a nice and extensive interview with Ger.

There's lots of good stuff in it like Ger's introduction to directing, the Geminis, and how Ger originally got the role of Nick. I love this quote on the awful looking flying from the first season: "We had to develop our own goofy way of flying. In the first episodes, they hung me from a crane on a wire 80 feet above the ground and I'd be like a guppy trying to flap. It was really embarrassing."

And a there's also this little extra.

I'm not sure how the school photograph of the young boy in the upper left hand corner is related to Forever Knight but there it is. I thought it was pretty neat. The cover to susanmgarrett's Forever Knight book is included as well one of the other official FK novelizations. Nigel's collaborations with P.N. Elrod are here too. See it here.
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