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Audio interview with Geraint Wyn Davies

A site called Sci-Fi TV Zone has a 12 minute audio interview with Geraint Wyn Davies.

In it he briefly discusses:
  • the format for his role in the Chiller Forever Knight marathon "it's casual and very tongue in cheek",
  • memories of the show "I remember laughing a lot" and "it was a joyful experience but it screwed up my sleep patterns for a couple of years",
  • his thoughts on Nick Knight "we invested a lot of humor in it as well as the hyper drama",
  • the shift in the show's tone in the 3rd season and how it affected the natural progression of Nick' character and the loss of John Kapelos and the Schanke character.
  • Classically trained actors and their ability to pull of vampires.
  • Recent but gone shows "one Canadian [Blood Ties] and one down here [Moonlight]" that took a page from the Forever Knight playbook,
  • The current vampire craze "That's what Forever Knight was, someone tossing a rock into the middle of the pond and now we're hitting the shore", and
  • his current Dylan Thomas one man play in NYC.

It was nice interview. I can't wait till Tuesday!

And lookey! The Smallville trailer for "Rabid" is the site's featured video. Yes the episode aired weeks ago but I really like it. Lois and Clark battle zombies!
Tags: actor: geraint wyn davies, forever knight, smallville

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