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OMG Forever Knight squee!

So what's the best news a Forever Knight fan could get these days?

Aside from an announcement that the series DVDs were being re-released with the Canadian cuts of the first season and be jam packed with commentaries and bloopers of course.

Well how's this: Geraint Wyn Davies will be hosting a two day marathon on Chiller of his favorite episodes next week.

Hosted By Star Geraint Wyn Davies And Featuring His Favorite Episodes!
Tuesday, November 24 & Wednesday, November 25 Beginning @ 8pm

This year, Chiller counts down to Thanksgiving with back-to-back evening marathons of the classic vampire series Forever Knight, featuring star Geraint Wyn Davies’ favorite episodes.

Davies will host the marathon in all-new, never-before-seen interstitials, offering behind-the-scenes scoop on one of television’s most beloved cult hits.

It all begins Tuesday, November 24 @ 8pm on Chiller!

Chiller, the recently-launched channel from NBC Universal, is the only network devoted to delivering viewers round-the-clock scares. Chiller’s eclectic slate of adrenaline-fueled, soul-stirring entertainment includes classic drama and anthology series (Tales from the Darkside, Twin Peaks, Nightmare Cafe), international programming (Spine Chillers, Strange) and a broad offering of films, including feature-length premieres on the first Friday of each month. Chiller is currently available in nearly 34 million homes. To learn more, visit:

The marathon will re-air on Saturday, November 28th and Sunday, November 29th in the morning thru the afternoon. Funny thing though, I caught Chiller Wednesday afternoon during a Moonlight marathon (yes, Chiller is airing Moonlight now too) and they advertised the marathon using the same pretty promos from their first FK marathon, but they make no mention of Ger hosting.

Now naturally I was going to watch the marathon regardless but now I'll definitely have to be ready with recording material. Unfortunately, many moons ago I deleted what little VHS footage I had of Ger's last marathon appearance for Sci-Fi's Forever Knight Valentine's Day marathon. Bad fan! This time I'll upload the footage to the web.

The following two online sites make mention of the marathon.

Pop Culture Zoo

Eclipse Magazine

So what exactly are Ger's favorite episodes? They are as follows:


For I Have Sinned
Feeding the Beast
Stranger Than Fiction
The Fix
Blood Money
Partners of the Month
Curiouser & Curiouser
Near Death


Dark Knight
Dark Knight: The Second Chapter
Only the Lonely
Killer Instinct
Be My Valentine
A More Permanent Hell
Baby, Baby
Close Call

Hmm, five episodes from season one and eleven from season two. Nice list over all. No episodes from season three.

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