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the rambling fanatic
Forever Knight DVD price drop 
7th-Nov-2009 07:54 pm
Based on several online vendors, it looks like Sony has issued a price drop for the three seasons of Forever Knight.

The suggested retail price was once $59.95.

Now, amazon.com has seasons one and two listed at $29.95 and season three is currently at $24.99. A 17% discount from SRP. Seasons one and two qualify for free shipping. Season three is a penny short of qualifying for the $25 benchmark.

Deepdiscount has seasons one, two, and three listed for $23.34. All three qualify for free shipping.

There are reports that select Walmarts have the sets for $15. Barnes & Noble had the same pricing but the sets quickly sold out.

The new price is great for fans who have yet to purchase the sets. They were notoriously pricey despite the lack of features and given the popularity of vampire-centric media,  the lower price point might be enough of an enticement for the curious.
8th-Nov-2009 03:34 pm (UTC)
Mmmmmm. I own back-up sets of seasons one and two -- purchased back when we were trying to convince Sony to release season three on DVD, don'cha'kno -- and perhaps it is finally time to purchase a back-up set of season three.

Or! Perhaps this is a sign that they plan to release slim-sets! With extras! On blue-ray! I would buy a blue-ray player for the ability to watch FK on it, nothing less. ~giggles helplessly~ I can dream...
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