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Fall Fandom Free-For-All (2009)

oxoniensis , the organizer of the biannual multifandom porn battle brings forth the second Fall Fandom Free-For-All.

To quote her, "This is a multifandom, all-fanworks, free-for-all! Basically, request any piece of fanwork you would like – fic, art, icons, video – in any fandom. In return, you offer to make something for someone else."

I'm a little late in pimping it out. It launched on September 16th and the deadline is November 18th. However, it's still not too late to participate. Take a look around. Maybe you can make a fellow fan's fannish day.

I didn't make any requests last year but I did create my first X-Files fanvid for juniperphoenix .

If anyone wants to make a fellow FK fan happy there is one request for Nick/Janette fic here.
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