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Two more Forever Knight Chiller marathons

Just a heads up for everyone, Chiller has scheduled two more FK marathons in the very near future.

The first one is tomorrow, Saturday, October 10th. It will begin at 9AM (eastern) and will run until 5pm (eastern)

It will run the first eight episodes of season 1 (Dark Knight--Cherry Blossoms)

The second marathon is next Thursday, October 15th. It will also being at 9AM (eastern) and end at 5PM (eastern).

The second batch of eight episodes from season 1 will air on this date. (I Will Repay--Only the Lonely)

For those who were able to watch the Chiller Labor Day marathon you can recall that the last episode of that marathon was "Dying For Fame" so this time around "Only the Lonely" will be making its Chiller premiere.
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