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Season 9: Nine reasons I'm still watching Smallville

In no particular order because Smallville starts NOW. Squeeeeeeee!

1. Lois Lane. I heart Lois so much. When the show goes down to levels of suck I can always count on Lois to be its saving grace.

2.Clark Kent and his journey to become Superman. At its core, Smallville is the story of Clark Kent. Even though at times it's been two steps forward and three steps back, the entire series has been a joy simply for the opportunity of watching Clark grow into the man who will be Superman.

3. Clois. Season 8 showed us Lois falling for Clark. There were moments I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the way they were doing it but I hung in there. Now it's time to see Clark's side of the equation.

4. Because it's another season where Lois can don the undercover gear. What will she wear next? If I ever find a song I'd totally vid this.

5. Tom Welling and Erica Durance. They've been bringing it for years now but season 8 was so much fun because you could tell how much they were enjoying the material they were being given. After nine years for Tom and six for Erica, I'm happy they get to stretching their acting chops.

6. Tess Mercer. Who would have known that someone could admirably fill in the shoes of Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor. Cassidy Freeman is way awesome. She's a wonderful addition to the show.

7. Smallville is upping the ante. If spoilers are any indication then this season is full speed ahead and there will be little slowing down. No more stalling Clark because producers are unsure of network politics.

8. Clark is actively using the House of El symbol. We've seen it in various incarnations but now the Superman 'S' is on Clark's chest by his own choosing.

9. Nine seasons! That ties X-Files' nine seasons. Smallville is the longest running Superman related show ever and it's going to be a good long while before this record gets shattered.

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