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X-Files 2 starts production today!

Today December 10 marks the official start date for XF2. I've been holding out ever since the series ended back in 2002 that the planned sequel would finally get off the ground. News officially broke on Halloween that the sequel was in fact a go.

This picture isn't the exactly the one I wanted but it'll have to do. I miss the days when I had just about any XF, David or Gillian photo at my fingertips on my hard drive. Since my computer is being shared by multiple family members I have to censor what I store on it so no fannish pictures that'll make the layman scratch their head in confusion.

Edited to add a picture of Gillian which is probably remarkably close to the do Scully will be sporting. It's an AP photo but I swiped it from a great new (to me) XF site dedicated to update info on XF2.

Doesn't she look absolutely amazing? Now where are my David pics?
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