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So have you heard about the Forever Knight marathon?

Now I know how I'm going to spend my Labor Day.

That's right folks, Forever Knight is returning to television. Chiller TV will run an all day marathon of the first 15 episodes this Labor Day.

Season 1 squee! There's so much to look forward to, even though technically I already own the DVDs.

There's a certain something that I get by watching the show live with commercials thrown in. And I adore season 1. Nick has that crazy black shirt with the white stripes. Yep, the same one the promo department thought was snazzy enough to preserve for posterity in publicity promos. Schanke had Elvis sideburns. Natalie's lipstick would match her fushia suits. LaCroix had Billy Idol hair. And hey, "Fan Kill"! Nick and LaCroix as leather wearing rock stars. "It's time to rock!"

So when's the last time we got a series marathon anyway?. I remember the Sci-Fi Channel Valentine's Day marathon that Ger hosted back in the late 90s. And then there were the Sci-Fi Channel Chain Reaction marathons they'd air around 2004.

It doesn't look like FK is joining the lineup just yet but I think it's safe to say it's definitely in the series' future. Now if only they'd give some on air promotion.

So who else is watching? You know you want to.


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