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the rambling fanatic
24th Annual Gemini Nominations 
25th-Aug-2009 12:54 pm
The Border--Maggie

Nominations for the 24th annual Gemini Nominations Awards were announced today and Catherine Disher has snagged the 6th of her career for her supporting work in The Border episodes "The Sweep" and "Unacceptable Risk".  Yay Cath!

She was nominated for her work on the series last year, as well as twice in the role of Natalie for Forever Knight. She won in 2004 for her lead role in Snakes & Ladders and was nominated for the TV movie Grand Larceny.

In total, The Border received 9 nominations, including one for Best Dramatic Series.

Being Erica, the absolutely delightful and whimsical time travel show also received 9 nominations, including one for lead actress Erin Karplunk and will be up against The Border for Best Dramatic series. Big yay there as well.

29th-Aug-2009 03:53 am (UTC)
I seriously need to start watching The Border. I guess I just havne't watched a lot of tv in the last little while. I keep seeing the dvds. Maybe I need to pick those up.

It's an entertaining show. It's more episodic rather than serialized so that helps for a newbie jumping in. I imported the first season dvds and I plan to do the same for the second season. The third season starts in October.

Speaking of dvds, oh how I wish they'd release Snakes & Ladders on dvd. The tape I recorded the series on ran out half way through the last episode. Man oh man, did I ever love S&L.

Everyone who mentions S&L adores it. Unfortunately I've yet to see it. Up until recently, I think, the CBC still had the show page up on their website. There were some wonderful interviews with Catherine Disher up in which she recounts how she attended an official government function decked out as Audrey. She even had her own convention pass identifying her as Minister Audrey Flankman and people thought she was a real Minister, lol. I checked back a few days ago and the site was gone. I'm surprised it stayed up as long as it did.
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