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'Being Human' thoughts

A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a flat. So says the premise of the BBC's Being Human. Part of me was, "Geez, another show with a vampire," and the other was, "Yay, another show with a vampire."

The first episode aired on BBC America last weekend and I think I can safely say that I'm really, really going to enjoy this. There's cuteness aplenty. I can't decide which character fills me with more happiness. I alternate between all the characters but right now I'm settling with Annie.

She's such a joy to watch and a wonderful combination of apprehension and enthusiasm. I loved her early scene where discussion of George's "time of the month" caused her to ramble on and on about her own "time of the month" and how she sometimes felt like biting someone's head. She quickly comes to realize that's a very likely scenario for George.

George, running like a madman through the woods as he tries to find a secluded place for him to "change" was a hoot. Mitchell deciding to save the TV when George decides to transform at their flat was great. I need an icon of that, lol. And of course Annie wanted to watch the whole ordeal.

Mitchell is interesting and I found I wasn't annoyed at the angle the show has on vampires. They can walk around in the sunlight and eat food apparently. This didn't rub me the wrong way as it did with Moonlight, for which I'm grateful. The number of regular shows I watch is small so it's always fun to get a new member.

There was so much to enjoy in Being Human and the emphasize on the buddy aspect of the three friends is wonderfully refreshing. And I do love the Forever Knight similarities. I can't wait to see how Being Human grows on its own and where it aligns itself with my favorite vampire show.
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