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Picspam: John Kapelos in Lois & Clark (1995)


John Kapelos is our Forever Knight alum today on abby82 does a picspam and he's flexing his villain muscles on an episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Confession time--before I ever heard of The X-Files or Forever Knight I was a big fan of LnC.

LnC was the first primetime show I ever watched in real time and I was extremely devoted to it. That is until Teri Hatcher decided to chop off her hair two episodes into season 3. It was extremely traumatizing. Then the whole debacle that was season 3 happened and let's just say I stopped being as devoted. Even as a wee!fangirl I could tell crap when I saw it.

Thankfully, John Kapelos' guest appearance is in the highly enjoyable season 2. The episode "Lucky Leon" also has the distinction of being the episode in which Lois and Clark go on their first date and have their first non-undercover kiss. Ah, good times.

Trying to earn some money on the side, Jimmy Olsen takes a job delivering products for entrepreneur Lucky Leon, a Ukrainian immigrant with a penchant for gadgets that simplify and improve everyday life. When Jimmy's final delivery of the day winds up dead, Jimmy is arrested. Lois & Clark"s investigation leads them to Lucky Leon himself. After evading the reporters' questions Leon is revealed as an Intergang member who is assisting with the acquisition of a nuclear warhead. A trap is set, Superman is duped into helping them steal the warhead from the government and our bad guys get their weapon. Hot on their trail, Lois & Clark catch up with them. Clark does his Superman thing and all is right the world.

Lucky Leon waves bye-bye to the screen as Jimmy's suspected kill is about to bite the big one. In reality, a retractable poison dart hidden in Lucky Leon's machine does the dirty deed.

A ring on his pinky. Now why does this seem familiar. Oh yeah! I remember. :-)

I honestly didn't remember this hilarious Lucky Leon commercial. John was fantastic, hitting just the right amount of cheesy enthusiasm. I had to screengrab the entire thing.

"Yours for $59.99 and oooonly at Lucky Leon. Your...low...price...friend!"

Lucky Leon loves America and all its excess. That calls for 12 pairs of jeans! Relaxed and boot cut.

"Man, oh man! I LOVE the U.S."

Hee! Schanke meets Lois and Clark.

Useless trivia: John Kapelos costarred in a failed 2003 television pilot that also costarred future Lois Lane, Erica Durance. He played a doorman. She played a nanny.
Running gag: Lucky Leon keeps thrusting fruit at our dynamic duo.

"Only 69 cents a pound. When I was boy in Ukraine I saw them only on holidays and then I had to share with sister... or would you like a banana? Can you believe I was 25 years old when I tasted my first one? Now, I'm an addict."

More fruit.

"Try the kiwi fruit. Delicious."

Mwah-ha! Those pesky reporters will never discover our brilliant plan.

This episode aired in 1995. Around the same time Schanke, had "spent half the morning sitting on a tactic nuclear weapon."

Here, he arms one.

Uh-oh, run!
Curses! Foiled by a flying man in a spandex suit.

Fun episode, John was great playing a comedic bad guy that was humorous without being over-the-top. To be honest, I'd forgotten he was in this because of the great stuff that happened with the Lois & Clark relationship. Lois and Clark each get ready for their date in an enjoyable montage set to salsa music that sounds like it came from The Mask. The Jim Carrey movie, not the Eric Stoltz and Cher one. That really dates this episode but it was one of my favorite parts of the episode. It's a memorable episode for all Lois & Clark fans (the kiss and the cliffhanger were jaw dropping) and I get the added bonus of John Kapelos thrown into the mix.
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