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Drive by fic recs [FK, SV]

I came across the First Annual Femslash Kink meme over at dw via a post by havocthecat . I meant to scan only a few pages mainly because I didn't expect to find anything of interest. However, when I saw Natalie/Janette listed as a sample request I simply had to scan all the comments. Nothing popped up but I did leave two rather tame prompts. One was Janette/Natalie for Forever Knight and the second was Lois/Tess for Smallville.

Less than two hours later there was a wonderful, sexy AU ficlet featuring Janette and Natalie. Heaps of praise should be laid at the author's

Posts should be made anonymously and it will run through midnight on July 18th.


Pride, Prejudice & Jimmy Choos by sunrei -- a hilarious Smallville AU WIP that envisions Lois as a Hannah Montana pop princess named Lola Dakota. After a missed Good Morning, America concert, she is banished to the town of Smallville. Hilarity ensues. This has got some of the cleverist and snappiest dialogue I've read in a while. Sunrei hits another home run with this one.


I was visiting the site of Prufrock's Love X-FIles fic and while there I got suckered into re-reading an old favorite, the historical AU Paracelsus. This might be old news but there are some new additions sprinkled throughout the story. I haven't checked the other stories because I know that once I start I'll have to finish them. Besides, with three ficathons coming up for me, I should be writing not reading.

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