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Back from Austin but not for long

Drove back from Austin last night. High temperature records were shattered the four days I was there and my workshop was in a poorly air-conditioned room. We were packed in there like sardines but it was highly informative. Although, I was dangerously close to Information overload, lol.

I got a hair cut while there and I reworked portions of my Tracy fic (Thanks brightknightie!) so I did manage to be somewhat productive in between my sessions and hanging out in the city.

However, it looks like I'm hitting the road once more later this week. Dad asked if I'd be interested in sharing driving duties with him on a road trip through west Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. It's going to be a week-long family thing with two of my uncles and their families. I've never taken vacation time at work so why not. Although, now I have to rethink whether or not I'll be attending my college roommate's wedding in Mexico later this summer. I don't know if I want to take two weeks off of work, even if they are two months apart.

Oh! I received my cliche_bingo  card and several of my guilty pleasures are in strategic places. Yay!

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