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Um...seriously Smallville you are on crack

Son of a ......

At first I was like OMG best finale ever. And then Lois disappears halfway through the episode with the stupid Legion ring.

Then the Justice League betrays Clark...sort of. Epic fail guys.

Jimmy learns about Clark and I'm momentarily filled with unmitigated happiness because Jimmy is so contagiously happy and Clark is so Supermanly with him. ::squishes them both::

And then, and then the human side of Doomsday kills Jimmy. I was shocked but at they same time not because  hey that's cool, Lois is hanging with the Legion and will undoubtedly return and set things right. Right?

We go to Jimmy's funeral. Still OK but then the biggest fuck no I think I've ever felt towards a show.

He was HENRY James Olsen and he has this previously unheard of little brother who wears a bow tie. Then Chloe gives him Jimmy's camera. Fuck no. It's the crazy Chlois theory for Jimmy. Lois where are you? And no one even seems to care that Lois is gone.

Now Clark is blaming humanity for the death of Jimmy and himself for believing the best in humans. His human side, Clark Kent, is dead he says and he's determined to squash the human side of himself into oblivion. He walks away and disappears. That lack of faith and its eventual recovery as a setup for seaon 9 is one of the few good things to come out of the finale.

Oh yeah, and apparently Zod is now back on Earth but without Lex as his earthly vessel. Big fuckin' yay.

Epic fail show. Epic fail.

Where's the post episode fic that will make this bad taste in my mouth go far, far away.

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