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Picspam: Forever Knight popcorn throwing scene

What's not to love about this scene. It's Nick/Nat cuteness galore in a season full of squee and this was only the 7th episode. "False Witness" is one my all time favorites and a memorable episode ends in a memorable way with Nick and Nat hanging out and watching a movie. With this episode begins the time honored Forever Knight fanfic tradition of movie night for Nick and Natalie.  We've got a weepy Nat and her tissues,  popcorn, Natalie looking very much like a college student in leggings and an oversized t-shirt, and a teasing, playful Nick. No brooding vampire here.

What I especially love about this scene is that the popcorn throwing moment came compliments of the actors and the director. According to the script the scene was supposed to end with Nick smiling at Natalie, his fangs slightly visible. Instead Geraint Wyn Davies and the director Jorge Montesi kept the camera rolling as Nick snarled at Natalie. Catherine Disher remained in character and reacted by throwing the nearest prop she could find--the popcorn--and a Forever Knight classic was born.

See full scene here.

Created as my first entry for picspammy , challenge nine, scenes and sequences

Images capped and color adjusted by me.

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