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Geocities to close later this year

I was shocked but at the same time not to read that Yahoo will shutting down its free webhosting service Geocities later this year. Not too long ago AOL closed its free service and free services have been disappearing faster than the polar ice cap lately so I never assumed Geocities was safe. However, it is sad to see it go. So many fansites were hosted on Geocities and many still are. Sure the layout screamed early 90s but it served as a valuable resource for fandoms.

I have a Geocities site that I use to house my fic and a few stalled fannish projects. I opened it late one night in 2005 when I should have been studying for midterms. Initially I wanted to post X-Files DVD commentary transcriptions (they weren't available back then) and transcribe He-Man and She-Ra episodes. It wasn't until early 2007 when I rediscovered Forever Knight that I took a long hard look at it. Livejournal is nice and so is but I wanted something that I could play around with, despite how limiting it was/is.

I guess it's time to start crusing my favorites list and start saving stuff to the ol' hard drive, especially the fic in which the authors appear to have left the fandom. I'm looking at you Prufrock's Love. The Wayback Machine isn't 100% reliable.

I guess it's also time to give further consideration to purchasing my own corner of the Internet. It's something that's bounced around in the back of my head when I discovered that Geocities' space limitations didn't jive with my idea to start a Forever Knight actors' screengrab gallery. Anyone have suggestions? I've looked at PowWeb before and someone at work uses FatCow.

And I should probably think of a snazzier domain name. Guardians of the Truth hasn't really done it for me in years. Hmmm
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