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TV Roundup (spoilers inside)

Journeyman: I'd missed the premeire to this series but I've been watching all the subsequent episodes and I have to say that I really have been enjoying it. It's unfortunate that this series might be on its way to the cancellation bin especially with the latest wrinkle they threw our way. I can't wait to find out more about the doctor, his tachyons, and his connection to Dan's time traveling ability. I hope they give Kellerman (I can't remember Reed Diamond's character's name so I'm using his Homicide character) more to do. Given Dan's disappearance from the locked bathroom I want him to start asking questions. I want Katie to stop her occasional bitchy attitude to Dan. I realize it's hard for her too but it's not like Dan wants to leave when he does. He has no control over it or who he meets. Which leads us to Livia. So she traveled before? Interesting, now if only she'd stop being so secretive about everything. So many questions and I'll probably never find the answers to them. Journeyman's retention off of Heroes is pretty bad. Where else is NBC going to put the show if it can't manage to find an audience after their biggest and most compatible series.

Damages: I can't believe there's only one more episode left and that there are only 13 total episodes of this outstanding series. Just when I think I have everything figured out they throw out a curve ball to make me rethink everything. Lately I'd even been susupecting Katie of her own brother's murder because the crazy stalker girl seemed like such a red herring. Turns out she was a red herring but thankfully Katie was not responsible for the murder either. I don't think I'll ever think of Ted Danson in the same way again. He's done such a great job with making Frobisher such a complex character. On the surface it might seem like he's concerned about his family's well being but in reality it all boils back to what people will think about him. The suicide of Ray Fisk right in front of Patty during the third to last episode was absolutely shocking. I don't think anything has had me on the edge of my seat so far this tv season as his meeting with Patty beforehand did.

Gossip Girl: Oh GG aren't you the surprise of the season for me. With your pretty clothes and your even prettier clothes I'd almost dismissed you as the latest show to try and snag the teen market and boy am I glad I didn't. I don't normally catch the slash vibes on shows, hell I watch Smallville and I sadly cannot see the Clex but it practically leaps off the screen with Nate and Chuck. My mind automatically went into the gutter when they had Nate waking up on Chuck's couch. I realize Chuck is supposed to be this big ladies man but he totally reads as gay to me. Maybe he's bi and that's his hook. And Serena and Blair...I love these two. They make great enemies but they make better buds. I loved the impromptu fashion shoot they did when they borrowed all the Waldorf fall line. And the slumber party with Jenny...that was some highly entertaining stuff. Also the parents' storylines don't bore me at all. Horray!

Friday Night Lights: Has FNL jumped the shark? Are they dumbing themeselves down in an attempt to bring in more viewers? Is Jason Katims' double duty on Bionic Woman hurting the show? I honestly don't know. I was on pins and needles for the return of this absolutely mesmerizing show and I was pimping it out to anyone who would hear me out. Which is why it saddens me to say that I have yet to watch a single episode of this new season. I recorded the premiere because I had a previous engagement and when the second episode rolled around I went ahead and recorded it too because I had yet to see the first episode. Then, even though I'd avoided spoilers I caught onto the online whispers about the shocking turn of events featuring one of the "couples". One of FNL's strengths is their ability to turn topics that have been done a million times before by other shows and avoid all the cliches that boggle them down--racism, teen sex, steroids--all were handled brilliantly. Then why has the scuttlebut by the online fans, who have the same kind of faith in the writers as I do, been surprisingly down? I guess I'm scared of having such a brilliant show fall into the trappings that other shows have fallen into. Exellence on a weekly drama series is hard to maintain but season 1 of FNL did it. I don't want a few wrong decisions to sully the warm and fuzzy feelings I have for this show. For now I'm going to hold off on watching and wait to see what the word is. Maybe that doesn't make me the diehard I thought I was and that saddens me because I truly love this show. Come back to me FNL!

Moonlight: You know it isn't as much fun when I can't make fun of the series as I used to. It's improving yes but there are still things that aren't quite working for me. The Beth/Mick thing comes off as more sibling like rather than star-crossed lovers. I get that they're selling the show as a romance but don't try to pair up your leads right away. Let the viewers get to know them individually first. At first glance Beth comes off as a character in the Natalie from Forever Knight mold with the whole in love with a vampire thing but I'm getting more of a Tracy Vetter feel from her. The vampire disclosure is really exciting for her and she's got tons of questions much like Tracy did when she found out about Vachon. I can't wait for Coraline to show up in the present. She's got the most potential out of all the characters at this point in time. And Josef seriously needs a backbone because he's got no bite (pun intended)

Blood Ties: Who knew that two episodes into the second half of the first season (no Lifetime it isn't the second season) I'd be enjoying this series more than I thought I would. They dialouge is more in sync and the character dynamics totally work. Yay that Mike is shown doing more police work but that partner of his still annoys. What happened to the black guy from the first few episodes. Him I liked. I want more Henry/Mike scenes. I liked Henry's thing about including a character with Mike's likeness in his graphic novel and then trying to come up with gruesome ways for him to meet an untimely demise. There was a little boy quality there that really worked for me. Also the wolf lady was played by the same actress who played the domanatrix Tamara Dugen in the "False Witness" episode of Forever Knight.

Recent changes on the homefront means that we no longer have cable at home and instead have satellite. That mean no more CW or NBC and playing around with some bunny ears have given me little to no results. It looks like I'll be exploring alternative methods for acquiring Smalville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, and Journeyman. I have yet to see "Cure" from Smallville and that makes me very sad.
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