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the rambling fanatic
Assorted Forever Knight icons [all seasons] 
16th-Apr-2009 09:45 pm
FK--Nick & Janette (nuzzle)
My original intention was to go episode by episode but I think I've proven that I'm lousy with fannish goals. I started skipping around and most of my icons are better in theory rather than in execution. These are some of the better ones.



x-posted to fk_freaks & fk_icons

Created with angelamaria's Icon Table Generator @ Bauble

Credit would be awesome but I won't hunt you down if you forget. Just spread the Forever Knight love.

Screengrabs used are from the Knight Watchman screen capture archive.
Textures used from: 77words, drankmywar, navras_rheya, & spooky_window
#21 quote: 222. Close Call
#22 quote: 207. Hunted
#23 quote: 215. Partners of the Month
#24 quote:  210. Father's Day
(Deleted comment)
17th-Apr-2009 05:06 am (UTC)
Cool! Enjoy. :-)
3rd-May-2009 03:02 am (UTC)
I love all the quotations! Oh, that's excellent fun! And #8 ("Come play with us, Nick") made me laugh. #9 (Nick and Janette in the Raven in ILCK) is a favorite shot.

If I were going to take one, it would be #20 ("flashback sequence #5246"). Is that two shots, one for each character, or one shot? That's third-0season Nick (maybe HF?), but I don't offhand recognize the muffler/scarf Natalie is wearing.
5th-May-2009 05:14 am (UTC)
I see quotation icons all the time and I thought,"Hey! FK has it's share of ziggers." Icons must be made at once! My only regret is that some of my favorite quotes and/or exchanges are too long for an icon.

The look of the "Come play with us, Nick" icon was inspired by the look of your icons. I love how you incorporate the colors from the images into the borders and the font. That was my attempt at something similar.

The Nick/Janette is a favorite of mine as well. I really like the way it came out. I almost did a picspam of that scene but I ran out of time.

The "flashback sequence" icons is one shot from early in "Francesca". It's from the crime scene involving the first victim. I haven't quite mastered the whole cut out the subjects and place them on a solid background. The edges around Nick and Natalie are still a little to lumpy for my liking.
27th-Jun-2009 09:42 pm (UTC)
::glee:: Grabbed the Nightcrawler one and will credit when I use it. And thank you, I keep writing LaCroix monologues -- it's a perfect icon for those!!
30th-Jun-2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
I'm happy to be of service. Enjoy!
1st-Sep-2009 08:50 am (UTC)
Oh, these quotations are so fun! Brings back a lot of memories. :) Will be taking some, and crediting of course!
19th-Jun-2010 02:55 pm (UTC)
Snagged a few. Thankies! :D
22nd-Jan-2012 04:58 pm (UTC)
I loved these. I am snagging #16. Thanks so much for sharing. Will credit! :)
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