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Catherine Disher tv appearance

Hot diggity dog! Pictures have surfaced of Catherine Disher's newest CBC TV series The Border. Why was I not informed on this before now?

shenandora posted over at Kristin's KnightVision forum and she shared news of the show's website and while it's pretty barebones there is a picture of the cast and a four page promotional PDF.

Nigel Bennett also makes an appearance in the pilot episode but I'm getting the impression that his role is only a one time thing. Oh I hope not. I'd love for there to be interaction between his and Catherine's character but just knowing that they're on the same series would make me so happy. Oh Nigel will never change. He's looking great and Catherine as usual looks way adorable.

All I need now are Canadian friends to give this Texan access to their Canadian programming. Anybody?

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