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Oh so awesome Being Erica picspam

Being Erica continues to be cuddly cute and whimsical so I'm taking the latest addition to my icons for a spin. Aaaand I'm reccing this absolutely delightful picspam entitled, 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Being Erica by hobbitofkobol . I came across it via a post by serrico  and I'm glad I did.

The season 1 finale aired last night in Canada. If you live in the states you can find Being Erica on SOAPnet on Thursday evening. Two episodes reair on Sunday night, which is normally when I watch. I'm fighting the temptation to download the remaining episodes.

Oh! And how could I not love a show that in a single episode adds further evidence to the theory that Toronto is the vampire capital of the world. OK so they're LARP vampires but that's just splitting hairs. And hey The Border's Jonas Chernick. So, um, is it too much to ask for my favorite Toronto based actors to drop in? Please. Hey, if I keep hoping eventually one of them has got to pop up somewhere.
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