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Friday Night Lights renewed for a 4th & 5th season

Sometimes good things happen to good shows and it looks like Friday Night Lights is one of them. According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC and DirecTV have agreed to continue their partnership in producing the show for two more 13 episode long seasons. The two seasons will shoot back to back. Certain cast members won't be back but producers hope to do send off arcs like they did during season 3.

I think this really one of the best ways to handle this. FNL has got to be one of the most consistently well written and well acted shows I have ever seen. Yes, they did have that rather ridiculous arc during season 2 but heck even that was carried out with more care then most other shows would have done.

Had the series ended with season 3 I would have been content. Yes, many of the characters were starting out new phases of their lives and I would have regretted not being able to see those new phases explored, but I was grateful for the episodes I did get. Many shows don't make it out of their first season and for some reason I tend to get into show that only last 3 seasons. However, with this renewal comes the opportunity to see where my favorite characters are headed as well as what new characters I'll be introduced to. I have no doubt that next two years will be phenomenal.

Now, I've recced the two following FNL vids before. They both premiered at VividCon 2008 but I can't help but rec them again. If you're at all curious about checking out FNL give these two vids a try. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Let the Sun Fall Down by chasarumba  and New Slang by obsessive24 

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