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the rambling fanatic
Picspam: Deborah Duchene in Beyond Reality (1991) 
29th-Mar-2009 10:53 am
A little bit of Ghostbusters and a little bit of X-Files before there was an X-Files, Beyond Reality was a Canadian half hour series that focused on two university parapsychologists who would investigate cases of telekinesis, ghosts, etc . Basically all the stuff that would make Fox Mulder drool. The series was shot in Toronto so plenty of Toronto based actors made an appearance during it's two season reason.

Forever Knight fans will find a lot of familiar touches throughout. The series was scored by Fred Molin who memorably went on to work on Forever Knight. Beyond Reality is also on the filmography of FK producers Jon Slan and Richard Borchiver. Anyone else remember the Borchiver Award on "Can't Run, Can't Hide"? Costume designer Mary Partridge and Production Supervisor Noella Nesdoly are two other familiar names.

Today we look at Deborah Duchene's 1991 guest stint as the ghost of a young woman killed in a very tragic way. She had a run in with a choo choo train and she's returned to haunt the scene of her death and her very married and paralyzed lover, Nicholas Campbell of Da Vinci's Inquest fame. Writing credit for the episode goes to Marc Scott Zicree, who also wrote the season 2 Forever Knight episode "The Fire Inside" and three episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in the early 80s. Talk about fandoms colliding.

Deb Duchene had two scenes. Nick Campell's Tom worked as part of the railroad track repair crew and Deb Duchene's Kathy was a trainee. She was romantically fixated on him and the married Tom did little to dissuade her.  During a heated conversation out in the privacy of the rails, Tom told Kathy that he wouldn't leave his wife.


Kathy got  emotional and ran off.

A train started approaching from behind.

Kathy got stuck on the tracks and Tom caught up to try and help.



Despite all his efforts, Tom couldn't get her loose. Kathy died and Tom's spinal chord was severed, paralyzing him from the waist down.

After a series of hauntings, the still unseen ghost of Kathy wills the paralyzed body of Tom to the scene of the accident. She leaves him on the tracks and on the path of an incoming train.


There the ghost of Kathy welcomes him if he chooses to join her and end his life of pain.




Tom refuses. Chooses his wife and remains paralyzed. Kathy finds peace with his decision. End of story.
29th-Mar-2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
Wow, never knew about that role she had. She´s such a pretty face. Too bad she stopped acting
30th-Mar-2009 04:56 am (UTC)
Whoa! For a second there I though, "Oh, new person commenting" and then it hit me that you'd changed your user name, lol. Sorry about the memory lapse.

Wow, never knew about that role she had. She´s such a pretty face. Too bad she stopped acting

The roles FK actors had just before they started working of FK greatly amuses me, as does their hair. Contrasting her long hair here to her short style at the beginning of FK is fun.

It is unfortunate she stopped acting. Her onscreen filmography didn't even last a decade.
29th-Mar-2009 08:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing. From this series I've only seen "Sins of the Father", in which Nigel Bennett has a guest role. I'd love to see Deborah's episode.
30th-Mar-2009 05:02 am (UTC)
I actually began capping Nigel's episode for some odd reason I stopped. A movie Catherine Disher did in 1986 will be my next FK actor picspam but I think I'll do "Sins of the Father" next. Nigel's Billy Idol hairstyle phase amuses me. Hmmm...ponders icon.
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