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Very late Porn Battle VII recs

Porn Battle VII (The Seven Deadly Sins) has come and gone so here are a few recs I found particularly enjoyable.

Life with Derek
Bang Bang by obsessivemuch  (Casey/Derek)

I liked this one a lot, a lot. Probably more than I should because depending on your point of view it' borders on major taboo, even if Derek and Casey are step siblings. This one has them trying to covertly get off as the entire family keeps interrupting.

The Little Mermaid
air to breathe by anenko  (Ariel/Eric)

This one is beautiful. I'd never considered the possibilities of The Little Mermaid fic, let alone porn, but it's so intriguing and oh so subtle. It's painfully short. I want more.

Nancy Drew Mysteries
Regenerate by ndnickerson  (Nancy/Ned)

Another fandom in which I never considered porn. In elementary school I loved my Nancy Drew books but this is Nancy Drew all grown up. It's very hot and very well written.

Tangled by ndnickerson  (Nancy/Ned)

Another winner. There is so much poignancy and character exploration here. It's not just oh let's have these characters have sex, it's let's use sex as a way to reveal aspects of their personalities and relationship that usually remain hidden. This story epitomizes that so well.

Negotiation by ndnickerson  (Nancy/Ned)

A third selection from a very good author. The imagery is lovely and the situation real. I'll definitely be considering more Nancy Drew fic in the future.

In Between the Sheets by glasheen25 (Nancy/Ned)

Hot and very sweet. Where had this fandom been hiding, lol.

Morning by thedeadparrot  (Clark/Lois)

A wonderfully observational author gives smut a try and it's a homerun. The simplicity of it is perfection, the imagery is beautiful and Clark and Lois are so them.

watch it all fade away by simplytoopretty  (Chloe/Davis)

I'm mostly a Clois or gen Smallville reader but this one caught my attention mainly because I'm an admirer of the writer. She didn't disappoint.

The X-Files
at the end by simplytoopretty (Mulder/Scully)

Beautiful work from a wonderful author.

Whispers in the Night by ryf  (Krycek/Marita)

Leave it to fic to flesh out two characters that we didn't get to see enough of together on the show. This short fic captures the delicious possibilities between them.

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